Primary School WiFi

Classrooms able to deliver superior learning need to be digitally focused, and securely, reliably connected to the wealth of resources available to both staff and students.

Early education is fundamental to students’ development socially, creatively, academically, and also digitally; paper, crayons and books have been replaced with tablets, interactive technology and streaming whether inside the classroom or at home, so primary schools must prepare students for the digital world using teaching techniques that take advantage of their digital curiosity.

In addition, EdTech devices and resources help teachers make the most of lesson time, facilitating personalised, self-paced learning to keep students challenged and engaged, as well as monitoring those who may be falling behind.

Benefits of high-performance connectivity in primary schools

  • Improve classroom collaboration and lesson engagement by supporting the use of new devices, platforms and resources
  • Access rich media and stream seamlessly in high-density environments with 1:1 devices
  • Allow teachers to use devices to monitor classroom engagement, keeping students focused and on track
  • Flexibility for blended learning, removing limitations on how and where students learn
  • Reliable, fast access to SIMS and other vital information for staff
  • Secure connectivity that keeps students safe while browsing

Not sure where to start with your primary school WiFi?

Improving WiFi performances requires a thorough understanding of how your wireless network is performing. Our WiFi engineers have vast amounts of experience in improving network performance, whether you’re looking to fault-find and fix, design a new network or maintain an existing one.

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Affordable, easy to manage WiFi networks, designed with primary education in mind

Teachers are only as good as their tools, so many primary schools invest in additional devices, but often without fortifying their underlying IT infrastructure for the future of learning. This causes a slow degradation in the quality of learning and students’ potential as classroom connectivity becomes slower, unreliable and too congested to support additional EdTech.

Successful use of the latest teaching techniques relies on robust, reliable, high-capacity wireless networks that keep devices connected to each other, as well as to key resources and platforms. Networks must also mitigate the increased security risks of e-learning and a rising number of end-points.

Finally, keeping primary schools connected must be affordable, respecting budget constraints, and allowing a low-risk path to the technologies shaping education. Networks must also be easy to monitor and manage, respecting the limitations many primary schools face in terms of ICT staff.

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Why choose Redway Networks?

We are experts in networking and Wi-Fi for primary schools and have helped transform thousands of educational organisations across the UK into smarter spaces where learning, teaching, and socialising are supported by future-ready connectivity. We work with a range of vendors so that the solutions we offer respond to both requirements and budget restrictions, and our extensive product knowledge means we make even the most complex projects simple.

We’re a partner with Everything ICT – the cost-effective, compliant and convenient procurement framework for education. As suppliers, we’ve gone through rigorous evaluations on areas like value for money, innovation, customer service, insurance cover, compliance with relevant legislations and case study/reference checks. We understand the process involved in working to frameworks and can offer an end-to-end service around your needs and timescales, flexing to fit.

Our extensive experience in education means we understand the specific financial, operational and educational requirements of primary schools, and we focus on delivering an end-to-end service that delivers a high-performance network at an affordable price point, with a lifetime of up to 10 years.