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At Redway Networks, we provide future-proofed cloud-networking solutions that are tailored to support your business needs from improving efficiency and boosting productivity, to reducing time and costs. Our solutions provide complete network visibility with actionable insights in one cloud-managed dashboard.

We design, install and support enterprise WiFi, network switches, firewalls and cloud-security solutions using world-leading products with professional network design from our experienced team so your business has an agile wireless network that supports growth and delivers exceptional user experiences.

Our solutions meet your ever changing IT needs for a smarter, more secure office, connected hybrid workforce and a next-gen network that supports IoT.

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  • Cloud-managed WiFi with reliable, faster connection to unlimited devices, platforms, and cloud services
  • 100% WiFi coverage guaranteed with Ekahau wireless designs conducted by our certified and qualified engineers.
  • Well-planned design, installation and support services that deliver secure, resilient networks
  • Streamlined network management through zero-touch configurations and cloud-based dashboards with single-pane-of-glass management
  • Manage Service Provision to monitor and maintain your network for optimum performance
  • High-performance, enterprise WiFi with enhanced security, powerful management tools and easier set-up
  • Superior connectivity in high-density, high-interference office environments for staff and guest networks

How we Support Future-Ready Businesses with Next-Gen Networking

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Business WiFi

Networking Foundations for Hybrid Working

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Business WiFi

Superior Connectivity for Successful Teams

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Business WiFi

Streamlined Network Management for Businesses

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Our new wireless solution from Redway Networks provides fast speeds, improved capacity, better coverage and the highest levels of security and control.

Chris Stedman, Head of IT, Fladgate LLP

School WiFi Site Survey

Benefits of Business WiFi

A robust and secure wireless network is vital for today’s commercial organisations as business is increasingly driven by online technology. Here are a few of the numerous benefits a high performing business WiFi network will bring to your organisation:

  • Mobility within the organisation
  • Improved communications both internally and externally
  • Increased collaboration and productivity
  • Enablement of BYOD (Bring your own device)
  • Ease and ability to add new users and relocate within the organisation
  • Ability to offer secure guest access
  • Reduction in wired technologies and limitations

Commercial WiFi Site Survey

WiFi site surveys are highly important when designing and planning WiFi for offices. Many factors must be considered when designing a new business WiFi solution. This includes reviewing the size and condition of your building, the location and number of devices, and any potential interference. Our experienced team of Ekauhau certified network engineers will review all these aspects when carrying out an onsite WiFi survey. Based on their findings, we will supply a detailed network report and recommend the right business WiFi solution for providing maximum coverage and performance. WiFi surveys are also an essential tool for diagnosing issues with existing network coverage and enable our engineers to quickly identify any issues.

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School WiFi Site Survey

School WiFi Site Survey

Corportate WiFi Design and Installation

Our experienced team of Ekahau trained engineers have a wealth of experience in planning and designing business WiFi solutions for a range of commercial organisations. Our goal is to provide the very best solution for your business so your new wireless network provides maximum coverage and connectivity. Network security is built in during the early stages of your network design and we will recommend the best next-generation firewalls, cybersecurity solutions and physical security systems to suit your business.

Why Choose Redway Networks?

Redway Networks is an enterprise WiFi expert who specialises in delivering cloud-managed wireless solutions that help organisations improve connectivity, efficiency and mobility. We provide bespoke wireless solutions for your business office, warehouse, or school campus using leading products and exceptional services including design, configuration, installation, support and maintenance.

From the initial consultation to the site survey and installation, our experienced team of network engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new WiFi solution meets your exact requirements with minimal disruption to your business. Through our partnerships with leading enterprise grade manufacturers, we bring you the most innovative wireless networking solutions available today.

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School WiFi Site Survey