Driving Sustainability & the Circular Economy

Climate change is both a critical and complex challenge faced by us all, and we feel strongly about acting with urgency in three distinct ways; firstly, making our own internal efforts to lower our carbon footprint, secondly using and promoting emerging technologies that both create and facilitate ways to reverse the damaging effects of climate change, and thirdly partnering with IT vendors whose commitments to sustainability make sustainable choices the default for our clients.

How are we taking responsibility?

sensors to reduce energy consumption

We leverage IoT sensors to reduce our energy consumption through occupancy-based HVAC controls

hybrid working reduces emissions

We’ve embraced hybrid working as a way to reduce the emissions of our team through decreased commuting

cisco refresh recycle

We ensure clients can easily return, recycle and repurpose legacy hardware, reducing landfill waste

We’re continually working to reduce the use of virgin plastics in our office and operations

Reducing the footprint of our operations

Part of our commitment to sustainability is embedded in our operations. After the last few years, we’ve embraced hybrid working as a way to hugely reduce the carbon footprint of our team by lowering emissions from commuting. When our team are in the office, we focus on making it a space focused on removing the presence of virgin plastics, reducing energy consumption through the use of sensors, and building a culture that cares about sustainability through internal discussions and training.

We’re also focusing on informing our clients on how to make more sustainable choices, particularly when it comes to recycling or repurposing legacy hardware, and by having proactive, collaborative conversations on how they can leverage IoT to lower their own carbon footprint.

Taking the Partner Pledge

We are proud to be a Cisco Sustainability Ambassador and align our sustainability strategy with Cisco’s journey and commitment to climate change. We are making a positive impact on the environment by migrating our customers to cloud-enabled solutions that drive IT innovation and increase sustainability whilst reducing energy consumptions and carbon footprints.


Using technology to fuel the future

Our commitment to sustainability is validated through our partnerships with likeminded IT companies who are committed to change. With energy consumption being a key component of reducing the global carbon footprint, our partners are working towards hardware with this in mind – from products that use up to 96% less energy to be powered, to devices that help our clients lower their energy use through IoT and smart spaces.

We also work with partners focusing on ‘designing out waste’ through using recycled and renewable materials when manufacturing new products, extending product lifetimes, repurposing hardware, and making it easy for our clients to make more sustainable choices when it comes to disposing of their legacy equipment.

Our partners also focus on reducing packaging, both through designing smaller hardware requiring less freight space, and through reducing essential packaging made with non-sustainable materials such as foam.

What our partners are doing for sustainability

Cisco’s Purpose Report 2022

Cisco’s Purpose Report 2022

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Cisco & Environmental Sustainability

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Aruba & Sustainability in a Circular Economy

Aruba & Sustainability in a Circular Economy

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Meraki’s Perspectives on Sustainability

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