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Construction Site Networks.

Construction sites are now regularly using bandwidth-intensive applications, such as VOIP, CCTV surveillance, sharing of documents as well as easily communicating with central offices and databases. These all require a strong, reliable wireless solution, powering the site to full speed right from the start and giving all staff and remote sites immediate access to their centralised systems and applications.

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Redway Networks are WiFi design and installation specialists and have the expertise to review your construction site and set up a high-performing temporary WiFi Network. This will give the whole construction site access to high-performing and reliable wireless connectivity to increase productivity and meet project deadlines.

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Construction Site WiFi

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Construction Site WiFi

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Construction Site WiFi

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As our wireless project was complex and had to be designed ‘off plan’ we needed a wireless provider who was flexible and could work around construction issues, such as project delays – and the service we received from Redway was outstanding.

Richard Smith, IT Project Manager, Pets Corner

School WiFi Site Survey

Benefits of Construction Site WiFi

Technology plays an important role in construction sites, with more digital communication devices being used on todays sites. Construction site WiFi provides many benefits including:

  • Increase productivity across site and minimise project delays
  • Instant communication between remote sites and centralised offices
  • Provide on-site progress updates to assist sales teams with potential buyers
  • Use of on-site work portals to quickly access information such as site plans and drawings
  • Allow use of smart technology and live streaming, particularly for security purposes

Construction WiFi Site Survey

WiFi site surveys are an important part of planning and designing a new construction site WiFi network. There are many factors that can affect the network capabilities and a WiFi site survey ensures that your network provides maximum performance and coverage across your site. Our highly experienced engineers will visit your building site and will conduct a full survey, taking into account the size of the site and building materials. This will allow them to identify any potential sources of interference, as well proposing the best hardware and optimal placement to get the very best performance from your construction site WiFi network.

As well as surveying for a new network, we are experts in troubleshooting areas of WiFi loss within building site environments. If you are having issues with existing coverage or signal, we can assist with a fault-finding survey to determine and resolve these problems.

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School WiFi Site Survey

School WiFi Site Survey

Construction Site WiFi Design & Planning

Redway Networks specialise in WiFi design and have implemented fast and secure wireless networks throughout a range of construction sites across the UK. Whatever the size of your building site, we can ensure that you site offers a fast and reliable WiFi network to ensure consistent connectivity. Once our specialist engineers have carried out a site survey across your operation, they will then determine the optimal placement of access points to provide maximum coverage and minimal overlap, taking the structure into careful consideration. Our team will design your network using enterprise grade Access points, designed specifically for both outdoor and indoor use. This will ensure constant coverage across the entire site. We will then arrange for our team to attend your site to carry out the installation, working around your operation to minimise any disruption.

Why Choose Redway Networks?

Redway Networks is an enterprise WiFi expert who specialises in delivering complete end-to-end wireless solutions that help organisations improve connectivity, efficiency and mobility. We provide bespoke wireless solution for your business office, warehouse, construction site or school with a complete WiFi design, configuration, installation and support service.

From the initial planning phase to the site survey and installation, our experienced team of certified engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your WiFi solution is custom designed and meets your exact requirements with minimal disruption to your business. Through our partnerships with leading enterprise grade manufacturers, we bring you the most innovative wireless networking solutions available today.

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