IoT Network Design

IoT Networks: designing for the future

Although IoT is by no means a newcomer to networking, the possibilities of data-driven spaces are only now becoming apparent to the majority of industries. This is changing the way organisations view operations, from security to site management, triggering a rapid adoption of smart, connected devices, from sensors and smart cameras to driverless tech and internet-first robotics.

This seamless connectivity between people, processes and devices through the ‘internet of things’ is creating smarter, safer spaces where organisations can thrive. As the scope and potential of IoT grows, it is becoming increasingly imbedded into strategy as an effective aid for informed – and often automated – decision-making. in addition to reducing wasted resources, safety risks, and the need for human intervention.

What benefits does integrating IoT offer?

  • Reduces wasted resources, labour costs and the need for human intervention
  • Enhances productivity by monitoring and analysing processes in real-time
  • Improves user experience and engagement
  • Internet-first devices, managed from anywhere
  • Improves health and safety measures, reducing the risk of fines and the cost of damages
  • Embeds a culture of ongoing business improvement, digitisation and automation

Realising the potential of IoT through next-gen networks

IoT adoption isn’t a simple case of deployment – it relies on a strong IT infrastructure designed and maintained with the future in mind. There’s no doubt that it puts additional pressure on your network to perform; integrating IoT means delivering optimum connectivity to a rising number of inter-connected edge devices that can independently aggregate and analyse data. It means consistently higher traffic and throughput. It blurs your network edge and creates new points of entry for security hacks.

Your network – in particular your wireless network – needs to be agile, flexible, secure and scalable with capacity and adequate security in place for everything that IoT has and will have to offer. Organisations without future-ready systems will see a gradual loss of performance as their technology exceeds the capability of their network.

This is where both Wi-Fi 6 and cloud-based networks excel. Wi-Fi 6 delivers 160 MHz of bandwidth, data rates of 10Gbps, and operates at 5 GHz, giving superior performance that’s quite literally made for IoT, with faster throughput, reliable and robust connectivity, significantly less congestion and reduced power consumption. Moving to a cloud-based network removes limits on your IT infrastructure, making it truly scalable, offering easy deployment with zero-touch-provisioning, and giving total control of every device from anywhere, any time. In short, you can build, monitor, manage and scale your smart spaces faster, easier, and with better outcomes.

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