Mowbray Education Trust

Mowbray Education Trust benefits from WiFi fault-finding surveys from Redway Networks

With 400 teachers and 1,100 students spread across 7 schools, supporting connectivity that can support learning, teaching and monitoring at each site is a complex task for Mowbray Academy Trust’s IT department. Several schools were having trouble giving students access to digital learning material, so required a series of on-site troubleshooting WiFi surveys to get classrooms back on track.

The WiFi Surveys delivered:

  • Insight into how and why the schools’ networks were not delivering adequate coverage and speeds
  • A WiFi survey report, presented to the Trust, outlining corrective work needed including additional APs

  • A ‘gold standard’ service from Redway Networks, re-establishing robust, high-performing wireless in all schools

Since the wireless remedial works were done, all 4 schools now have more reliable wireless network connectivity with better coverage and much faster WiFi which has improved the student experience. The service we received from Redway Networks was brilliant… faultless…and easy from top to bottom.

Bobby Wallace, Group IT Services Manager, Mowbray Education Trust

The Challenge

Four of Mowbray Academy Trust’s schools were seeing a poorer student and teacher experience due to poor connectivity, holding back learning, lesson planning and staff collaboration. Rectifying these issues required a specialised survey, tailored to the school’s environment and requirements so as to correctly diagnose the problem and make appropriate recommendations. Read how we helped in our case study.


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