Who We Are

We are cloud networking specialists with expertise in the planning, design, configuration and installation of next-generation WiFi, networking, switching and security solutions that deliver optimum performance to your business or education establishment.

We help push organisations forward by delivering future-proofed, superior networks that provide the communications link between your technology, people and devices. Designed using best-practice methodologies and leading technology brands, our networking and wireless solutions deliver high-performance with the scalability to future proof your network for the adoption of emerging technology.

We make the most complex of projects simple. That’s why we’re 100% client recommended.

We focus on an end-to-end service that puts your business or school at the centre. We provide tailored WiFi surveys and networking audits, bespoke design services and installations that work around you with no disruption to your organisation. From large-scale enterprises and multi-site campus environments to small offices and primary schools, we are committed to going ‘above and beyond’ to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

If you’d like to move to the latest wireless and networking technology or need help getting better performance from your existing solutions, we’re here to help.

Providing high-performance, flexible wireless solutions to a wide-range of industries

A trusted wireless specialist with a focus on going above and beyond for your business.

  • Superior product knowledge - Wireless networks aren’t one size fits all, so knowing our partners and their products inside out means we’re your best resource for finding the right solution for your organisation.
  • Customer care at our core - We place superior customer service above all else – it’s why we’re 100% client recommended. We focus on making your route to a new network as seamless and simple as possible.
  • Right first-time approach - A new wireless network is a costly and complex task, which is why we believe in a tailored, ‘right first time’ approach through a bespoke service.
  • Ongoing, flexible support - We know that the most successful solutions are the ones that continue to support the future of your business – so that’s what we do too with our support packages.

The service we received from Redway Networks has been outstanding and I look forward to working with them on future projects.

Richard Smith, IT Project Manager, Pets Corner

Providing enterprise-grade network hardware and software through world-leading partners