Web Filtering

Keeping the student experience secure, focused, and forward-thinking through school web filtering.

The importance of digital learning is irrefutable, whether teachers and students are in the classroom, at home, or on the go. Connected devices continue to rise from tablets and interactive white boards to 1:1 computing and VR. This increase, however, poses a threat to classroom control, student focus, and therefore learning as a whole.

With classroom focal points dispersed, it’s vital that teachers keep students on track, however with device and distractions on the increase, this can pose an impossible task without help. This is where web filtering comes in, and why we partner with leaders in school web filtering software, Lightspeed Systems.

Why consider school web filtering software?

  • Consolidate device management into one easy-to-use platform
  • Cloud-based filtering for every device, browser and app inc. BYOD
  • Gives teachers classroom control so they can focus on students and not on their screens
  • School web filtering ensures that students only see approved, appropriate content
  • Alerts for cyber-bullying, self-hard, depression
  • Saves your school money by identifying unused licences

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Keep your students safe from inappropriate content, whilst enabling productive learning and collaboration. They enable your school to see and share everything and safely use YouTube with controls.

The move to a digital environment has changed the network from the edge to the core. In the Mobile First world, the network switch now has to excel in three areas:

  • Cloud based filtering for every device within your school
  • Smart agents for any device or app
  • Actionable reports that are easy to understand and share
  • Device location
  • Support for every device (school owned to BYOD) in a single solution.

Classroom Management

Helps take the effort and confusion out of device and software management with delegated management, easy app controls and timed policies.

  • AI insights that alert teachers to unusual browsing activity
  • Multi OS support for Chrome, Mac and Windows
  • Internet access controls let teachers temporarily managed the sites students visit
  • Admin controls make classrooms safe and privacy compliant


Helps teachers focus on their students not their screens and keeps students on task with sophisticated real time insights. They enable you to lock students’ screens and share your teachers.

  • Prevent suicide, cyberbullying, self-harm, and school violence
  • Real-time alerts that flag signs of a potential threat
  • Gain insight into students’ mental wellness with activity logs


Help your school make faster, data driven decisions about your school’s technology and helps protect students online.

  • Actionable, detailed reporting on EdTech licence usage across your school(s)
  • Analysis on how apps are being used, and whether this fits their intended purpose
  • Supports every OS, everywhere school devices go, plus every browser, app, and user


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