WiFi for Local Government

Local governments face a bigger challenge than ever before; continuing to offer essential services to increasingly high standards with fewer resources, a displaced workforce, and increasingly complex technology. Next-gen networks – designed with local government teams and their needs in mind – can give your organisation the ability to face these challenges with less disruption, lower costs and fewer risks.

Secure wireless networks to support vital services

We are independent networking and wireless specialists with expertise in the planning, design and installation of enterprise solutions that help local governments improve efficiency, productivity and collaboration through reliable, robust and hyper-secure network connectivity. We deliver complete cloud networking solutions using ‘best of breed’ products at the forefront of technology through our partnerships with the world’s leading wireless technology vendors.

Intuitive, cloud-based networks that streamline services and simplify IT

Making operations more efficient comes down to connectivity – both for your IT team and your wider departments.
Cloud-based networks have the advantage of reducing the cost of network management by making it faster and easier to deploy, troubleshoot, and configure your network from any location in a single pane of glass. ‘Always on’, enterprise networks also improve the performance of your teams by facilitating collaboration, improving digital processes, and ensuring reliable, fast access to platforms and resources.

Secure, robust connectivity

Network security is a top priority in local government, with staff constantly accessing highly confidential, sensitive information. The risks to your security are on the rise like never before; the number of connected devices has soared in recent years, and now with many teams working remotely, networks have a less defined edge, with more points of entry for cyber-attacks.

Your network security needs to adapt to protect you against the cost of cyber-attacks – both in terms of fines and the resources needed to rectify and right any hacks. At Redway Networks, we know the importance of keeping your network safe so provide a range of threat management solutions that protect your network, from security and SD-WAN to firewalls and web filtering software. All our solutions are from the world-leading security vendors and are cloud-managed meaning installation and remote management are simple.


  • SD-WAN and auto VPN capabilities
  • Application-based firewalling
  • Content and web filtering
  • Intrusion detection and Malware protection
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Our new wireless solution has been a massive leap for the town council and I can now look at future projects. Redway Networks has given me the best service I’ve ever received from an IT company and its wireless expertise, product knowledge and service are first-class.


Local Government WiFi Benefits

Local Government WiFi Benefits

A secure and high performing wireless network enables councils to offer a seamless digital experience to all stakeholders, from employees and residents to clients and local visitors:

  • Experienced WiFi provider to local governments across the U.K.
  • Secure, seamless connection for Guest Networks, BYOD and collaborative working
  • Guaranteed coverage promise
  • Improved security and safeguarding of confidential data
  • Cloud managed solutions that support agile working
  • Improved service for council visitors
WiFi Surveys for Local Councils

WiFi Surveys for Local Councils

A site survey is a vital part of designing a new WiFi network for local governments. Wireless networks are essential to your council, supporting a huge number of civil servants, visitors, guests and residents, often in multiple places, but they also need to provide complete control of sensitive or confidential information.
As experts in your sector, we understand that protecting your council from data breaches or security risks is just as important as coverage and capacity, which is why we recommend a site survey to local governments more than any other sector. Years of experience working with local councils have made us experts in surveys that pinpoint weak spots in your WiFi’s security, coverage and capacity. our Ekahau engineers will visit your council buildings, analyse your current network’s performance across your whole site, and provide a detailed report on our findings and recommendations.

Local Council WiFi Design and Installation

Local Council WiFi Design and Installation

Our experience in the government sector means we are excellently placed to offer the support you need before, during, and after your wireless upgrade. After a survey of your site, our engineers will design a new network that takes both your business requirements and budget into account. This proposal can be discussed via WebEx with council decision-makers to give a thorough understanding of why and how the proposed solution should be installed. We offer out of hours installations to limit downtime and disruption to business.

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