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Redway Networks is an independent networking and WiFi specialist who delivers high-performance, cloud-based solutions that provide seamless wireless connectivity and future-proof your organisation for digital transformation.

We offer bespoke, end-to-end solutions that meet your organisation’s exact requirements, and our extensive experience means we can assure you of guaranteed coverage, hyper-security, ultra-fast speeds and scalable capacity.

  • Webinar: “Keeping Students Safer with End-to-End Security from Cisco Meraki”

    Watch this featured webinar on-demand from our partner Cisco Meraki, who specialise in solutions idea for school security and future-proofing. During this webinar you will hear about:

    • Integrating endpoint, network and physical protection in one multi-layered security package
    • Creating safe campus environments where students and teachers can focus on education
    • Freeing up network management time so that IT departments can focus on proactive projects
  • Industry-leading
    Network Solutions

    We provide enterprise-class WiFi solutions that deliver high-performance connectivity for your organisation.

    Whether you have a complex warehouse project, large office environment or you are a small school or council needing a ‘one stop assistance’ we are here to help.

    Our team of certified Ekahau engineers and WiFi experts will guide you throughout each stage of your project to ensure your new wireless network delivers maximum coverage, capacity, performance, reliability and security.

    Redway Networks is a leading WiFi specialist with expertise in the planning, design, installation and support of enterprise-class WiFi solutions to a wide-range of industries.

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    Selby College
    Wakefield Grammar School Foundation
    Jarrow School
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