Warehouse Wi-Fi

Warehouse Wi-Fi Networks

Designing, installing and maintaining a warehouse wireless network that can improve productivity and efficiency with superior, secure coverage and fast, stable connections to a plethora of warehousing technology is vital to support the emerging technologies in today’s automated warehouse. Whatever the size or type of your facility, we can provide a robust wireless infrastructure that seamlessly connects all your internet-based devices and systems so your business can meet the needs of an on-demand supply chain.

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Our expertise in wireless connectivity for warehousing and logistics means we can guarantee a resilient, robust and reliable warehouse Wi-Fi solution that will support your future proof your network.

  • Our Wi-Fi surveys are tailored to warehouse environments, meaning we spot details unique to your sector
  • Independent, vendor-neutral advice that puts your supply chain and its operations at the centre of the project
  • Cloud-based warehouse wireless networks that offer hyper-secure, agile, complete control of your network from anywhere
  • Scalable, future-proofed solutions that can support real-time data, automation, robotics & machine learning
  • Network configuration & 24/7 Support
  • Wireless scanning solutions & android technology from Zebra

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Warehouse Wi-Fi

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Warehouse Wi-Fi

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Warehouse Wi-Fi

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Warehouse Wi-Fi

Why Choose Cambium for Warehouse Wi-Fi?

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The wireless network is the foundation for all operations from stock into the warehouse to delivery out to Pets Corner’s stores, so having a robust, secure system that never loses signal improves the supply chain. Redway Networks delivered on every front and we now have a Wi-Fi solution capable of supporting Pets Corner’s business operations into the future.

Richard Smith, IT Infrastructure Project Manager, YourDMS

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Why do I Need Wi-Fi in my Warehouse?

Benefits of Superior Warehouse Wi-Fi

  • Eradicate indicators of poorly performing warehouse Wi-Fi including black spots, drop-offs, slow handovers, data inaccuracy
  • Reduced operation costs through improved efficiency, safety & accuracy
  • Capability to assimilate new technologies including IoT, robotics, automation
  • Real-time order fulfilment updates & analytics
  • Seamless roaming around the warehouse including indoor/outdoor
  • Capacity for an increasing number of devices of any size from driverless tech to wearables
  • Increase in accuracy, efficiency and productivity of workforce, ultimately reducing overall costs of operation
  • Future-proofed warehouse Wi-Fi solution with an ROI for 8-10 years

Warehouse Wi-Fi Site Survey

Wireless site surveys are critical when designing and planning a new warehouse Wi-Fi network. Warehouse environments are far more complex and fast-paced workplaces than most, with large amounts of stock, moving technology and machinery, and high levels of material interference

Designing a new solution that can deliver optimum performance in spite of these challenges relies on collating the most accurate and appropriate data possible.

We only use world-leading technology to conduct our surveys, which range from off-plan to on-site, whether you’re planning a new network or fault-finding an existing one. Our Ekahau-certified engineers have a wealth of experience in capturing accurate data that leads to high-performance networks.

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Warehouse Wireless Design & Planning

Our sector expertise benefits your project at every stage of our end-to-end service, from survey through to installation.

Our extensive industry knowledge means that our wireless engineers are experts not only in warehouse surveys but also in the design and planning of a new warehouse Wi-Fi solutions that spans your whole supply chain.

After we have carried out a survey on your site, our engineers will produce a detailed design that takes into account the potential issues likely to be encountered such as interfering materials, obstructions, moving tech, capacity, devices and your processes. In our report we include recommendations for hardware as well as a full inventory of your current infrastructure.

Our experience in the sector means we understand how vital it is for your operations to keep running smoothly throughout any works. We will work around your business during installation to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum. If required, we’ll provide a post-installation survey and review of your new warehouse Wi-Fi network to ensure you’re getting maximum performance.

Why Choose Redway Networks?

Designing and implementing high-performance warehouse Wi-Fi is an essential but complex project, and as such it is important that you choose a wireless specialist with industry experience. At Redway Networks, our expertise in the logistics sector means our whole process, from survey through to support, is geared towards improving the performance of your warehouse, and our engineers are very familiar with the unique nature of the warehouse environment.

We provide private cloud and on-premise Wi-Fi solutions and we only endorse world-leading wireless technology that supports efficiency, optimum connectivity, scalability, and a secure signal that never loses connection in or outside of your warehouse.

From the initial planning phase to the site survey and installation, our experienced team of certified engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your Wi-Fi solution is custom designed and meets your exact requirements with minimal disruption to your supply chain.

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warehouse WiFi Site Survey

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Warehouse Barcode Scanners

Redway Networks can help you source the right wireless barcode scanners for your business. We are proud to partner with the leading wireless barcode scanner manufacturers including Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell to give your business the latest technology in wireless scanning.

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