WiFi Survey

What is a WiFi Survey?

A WiFi survey is a vital part of planning and designing a fast, reliable and secure wireless network that supports your business or school. If your network isn’t meeting the needs of your workplace, staff or students, a number of factors could be the cause. In order to design a new network that meets your needs, it’s vital to identify where and why your wireless is under-performing or failing. This is where a wireless survey can help. Our engineers will conduct a professional WiFi survey using Ekahau Pro to identify existing and potential network issues including business and environmental, all delivered in a detailed wireless survey report.

What are the Benefits of our WiFi Surveys?

A WiFi survey from our certified network engineers will give you the strong foundations you need to plan a high-performance network that is tailored to your business needs. Whether you want to improve the performance of your existing network or you are looking for a new wireless solution, a WiFi survey enables us to recommend the right products to deliver the coverage and capacity you need, with all our designs validated using a real-world measurements.

  • Certified engineers who use Ekahau’s professional WiFi design and diagnostic tools
  • Accurate WiFi designs that lead to high performing and reliable wireless networks
  • WiFi designs validated using real-world measurements for 100% coverage guaranteed
  • Highly accurate WiFi data for smoother, faster installations
  • Optimum access point allocation that avoids unnecessary licences & Hardware
  • Superior network design, optimised for future requirements

Not sure where to start with your WiFi?

Improving WiFi performances requires a thorough understanding of how your wireless network is performing. Our WiFi engineers have vast amounts of experience in improving network performance for businesses, organisations and schools, so whether you’re looking to fault-find and fix, design a new innovative network or maintain an existing one.

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Our range of professional WiFi surveys

wifi survey being carried out on tablet

Passive, predictive surveys

Quick, convenient and affordable, passive – or predictive surveys use your own insight as well as floorplans to create a simulated version of your WiFi network that takes square footage, wall types and user requirements into account. We then create simulated designs of your new network, and our network engineer demonstrates a live performance via WebEx.

building plans used for a wifi survey

Active, site surveys

Only an on-site walk collecting live data will give us a full, in-depth understanding of your real-life WiFi performance, factoring in interference from buildings, other networks, machinery/metal and other extenuating circumstances that affect end-performance. This enables us to design the perfect network for your organisation, guaranteeing optimum performance.

Validation surveys

We always recommend a validation survey, especially if your design was done via a passive survey. We don’t consider your project complete until you’re happy with the end-performance, so a validation – or verification – survey irons out any issues and ensures optimum configuration. These surveys can be done remotely.

What to Expect from a WiFi Site Survey

In order to give you an in-depth understanding of your wireless network’s performance, our WiFi surveys begin way before we arrive on-site. Our Ekahau certified, highly-qualified engineers work with you from the very first phone call to understand your business requirements and how effectively they are being met by your current network. Prior to visiting your site, we examine floorplans and map out a survey walk that will pinpoint where and why you are not receiving the performance you need.

During our site visit, our engineer will carry out portable spectrum analysis using Ekahau Survey – the market leading tool in WiFi survey equipment – to map wireless performance to your floorplan with precision.

Our engineer will also suggest remedial actions during their visit so you can see immediate improvement in performance.

We then analyse the data from our survey and produce a detailed, client-owned report that will give you a full understanding of your wireless, as well as a roadmap towards a new, high-performance network. Our ‘traffic light’ recommendations – short, medium and longer-term actions – will be bespoke to your business, marrying up your current and future requirements, budget, and the performance-affecting factors at your workplace.

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Why Choose Redway Networks?

Redway Networks is an IT infrastructure reseller who specialises in delivering enterprise wired and wireless solutions that help organisations improve connectivity, efficiency and mobility. We provide bespoke wireless solutions for your business office, warehouse, construction site or school with a complete wireless design, configuration, installation, training, support and health-check service.

From the initial planning phase to the site survey and installation, our experienced team of engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your wireless solution is custom designed to meet your exact requirements. Through our partnerships with leading enterprise-grade manufacturers, we provide secure, agile network solutions that are scalable enough for meeting your current and future needs.

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