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WiFi Survey

A WiFi survey is a critical stage of planning and designing a new network.

WiFi Survey

WiFi site surveys are a critical stage of planning and designing a new network. There are a range of factors that affect your network capabilities and a wireless survey ensures that your network provides maximum coverage and performance for your business. WiFi surveys are also an essential tool for diagnosing issues with existing networks and coverage, allowing us to quickly identify any problems and recommend a solution.

Redway Networks specialises in Ekahau WiFi surveys, the leading accreditation and technology for enterprise wireless networking. Our Ekahau trained engineers have vast experience in designing, optimising and troubleshooting wireless networks following these site surveys. They will consider the size of the building, location, number of devices, as well as any possible interference or any extenuating factors to plan the best network for your requirements using the latest WiFi tools.

Spectrum analysis technology allows our engineers to identify areas of interference and potential disruptions which could affect WiFi performance. Once the wireless survey is completed, we provide you with an in-depth report of our findings, detailing our recommended solutions for providing a robust wireless network.

We offer a range of WiFi surveys to suit different requirements and our engineers offer nationwide coverage, as well as global resource. If you would like to find out more on the wireless surveys we offer, please contact us on 01908 046400 or complete our online form.

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Predictive WiFi Survey

A predictive wireless survey offers businesses and institutions minimal disruption as we can carry out tests remotely. These WiFi surveys offer a cost effective and practical solution to estimate your site requirements. They are particularly useful for new buildings, allowing your network to be planned prior to moving into the building. We will virtually assess your requirements using leading technology to provide a detailed recommendation of hardware requirements for maximum WiFi coverage.

Predictive wireless surveys are a virtual analysis of the building and therefore cannot consider any possible external interference.

WiFi Site Survey

An engineer will visit your site and carry out an APOAS (Access Point on a Stick) site survey. This is a manual survey where the engineer will walk around the building with the access point on a stick to assess the coverage and signal strength. This also allows for detailed analysis on any external interference with the access point. The engineer will then be able to compile a detailed access point location plan based on true findings. The heat maps will show each access points coverage capability and highlight any interference possibilities. Redway Networks will build a comprehensive network design and detail all hardware needed for the best network infrastructure.

Fault-Finding Wireless Site Survey

This type of WiFi site survey is used when there is already a wireless network installed and there are specific issues with the wireless connection or coverage.

Our engineers will visit your site and utilise the latest spectrum analysis technology to check your wireless quality and connection. They will then diagnose the source of the problem and identify a resolution. This survey is also recommended for ongoing maintenance and quality checks to prevent any issues with your wireless infrastructure.

If you would like to discuss our range of wireless survey options, please contact us on 01908 046400.

Call Redway Networks today on 01908 046400 and let us guide you through the options that will help you get the networking infrastructure you need to improve service delivery and drive true organisational change.

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