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Network Solutions

Redway Networks specialise in industry-leading secure, fast and reliable network solutions

Redway Networks are specialists in networking solutions and offer a range of both wired and wireless solutions to provide maximum connectivity, mobility and security for your organisation. Whether you need a new network or are experiencing issues with an existing one, we can offer assistance in assessing, designing and installing a high performance network.

Our expert team have helped hundreds of clients across the U.K. avoid or resolve common network problems such as poor network design, faulty data cabling, switching, configuration sub-optimal routing and server issues.

Network Audits

Our engineers can offer a full audit of your network, including hardware, configuration, architecture and security to help you understand your network’s performance. Our service offers:

  • Independent assessment
  • Full audit of all switches, routers, cables and fibre
  • Identification of security risks
  • Flexible options from inventory reporting to full consultancy
  • Detailed report with recommendations

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Expert Network Solutions

Your network is the foundation of your wired or wireless solution and needs to offer reliable connectivity across your organisation. High performance connectivity is often compromised, however, by the increasing demands on networks. Solutions have to deliver faster speeds, stronger security, greater capacity and handle more complicated processes.

A robust network relies on a strong infrastructure of hardware and software that is aligned with your organisation’s needs. We have a vast amount of experience in delivering high performance network solutions and our expert team can help you plan and install a network solution that is ready for the demands of the future.

  • Network Switches
  • Networking Changes
  • Wireless Aggregation
  • Networking Solutions


The core component within a network is the switch, it provides connectivity between multiple devices and users. The role of the network switch is changing in our mobile first world. Traditionally a wired network switch would provide wired access between computers to Ethernet ports with cables running back to a centralised cabinet, with printers and local servers being connected too. Typically, these would be IT-controlled with typically low bandwidth utilisation and minimal power requirements.

The move to a digital environment has changed the network from the edge to the core. In the Mobile First world, the network switch now has to excel in three areas:

  • Traditional wired connectivity
  • Wireless aggregation
  • Wired IoT connectivity


Previously a 48-port switch would have typically connected a number of desktop PCs, printers and may have had several ports unused. Whereas now, the same switch is the gateway for a number of wireless access points that can support hundreds of users, provide connectivity and PoE (Power of Ethernet) for IoT devices such as video cameras, printers, badge readers etc within a large organisation. As well, as these wireless devices, there are still users that require a wired Ethernet connection from a switch. These are typically people who need a high performance from the network and use data intensive application constantly throughout the day, such as a graphic designer, and engineering/IT environments. Today’s switches give both wired and wireless functionality suiting the requirements of individual business needs.


Today’s network switches also serve as an important aggregator of wireless access points. As wireless becomes more important in today’s modern environment, even more is expected of the network switch. It must now support up to hundreds of users, as well as IoT devices. Reliable and high-performance aggregation of the demanding wireless traffic is paramount to ensure network availability for the best user experience. Redway Networks are wireless specialists have a team of certified engineers to survey, plan and design the very best network solutions. Find out more on our wireless solutions.

The growing use of IoT devices again puts pressure on the network switch, with organisations continuing to add more and more devices such as connected heating and lighting systems. These devices typically require minimal bandwidth and a high requirement for PoE power.


Now that switching has a wider range of demands and needs from organisations, a new approach is needed in this Mobile First infrastructure. For businesses to have the mobility with WiFi aggregation, as well as supporting IoT devices, new software and hardware capabilities should be considered to ensure long term performance and future proof your network. Redway Networks are specialists within this area and can advise the right equipment to ensure the very best performance from your network.


Redway Networks is an enterprise WiFi expert who specialises in delivering complete end-to-end wireless solutions that help organisations improve connectivity, efficiency and mobility. We provide bespoke wireless solution for your business office, warehouse, construction site or school with a complete WiFi design, configuration, installation and support service.

From the initial planning phase to the site survey and installation, our experienced team of certified engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your WiFi solution is custom designed and meets your exact requirements with minimal disruption to your business. Through our partnerships with leading enterprise grade manufacturers, we bring you the most innovative wireless networking solutions available today.

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