Network Security

Benefits of enterprise network security:

Networks are no longer the same, and consequently your network security can’t be the same as it was 10 or even 5 years ago. It is vital that your protection adapts in line with your IT infrastructure to safeguard your organisation against cyber-attacks, Malware and the malicious traffic that poses a mounting risk to your network. Security has moved to meet these risks with new products from SD-WAN to cloud-first firewalls.


  • The latest security technologies protect your organisation against the increased risks of rising fringe tech such as wearable devices, 5G and IoT that all present security breaches
  • Zero trust architecture is at the core of next-gen security, enforcing the strictest authentication, authorisation and access controls with auto-updates
  • Automated incident response helps restrict and resolve attacks before they cause damage, and by its nature saves IT times valuable time and resources
  • Leverage AI driven algorithms that analyse behaviour and both known and unknown risks in real-time, responding far before your network is ever affected by emerging threats
  • Many security solutions can be unified with cloud-based management tools and dashboards, allowing network security to be a key part of network-wide visibility
  • Best-in-class security products respond to the rise of cloud networking with consistent policies and controls across cloud and hybrid network architectures

Why choose Redway Networks?

At Redway Networks, we understand the importance of keeping your network safe and provide a range of threat management solutions that protect your network – from security, SD-WAN and VPN to cloud-first firewalls and web filtering software. Our security-driven networking solutions are from world-leading brands that provide powerful solutions that defend all your data, applications and devices with easy-to-use cloud-management meaning installation, remote management and support is simple and efficiency is improved.

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Not sure how secure your network is?

Ensuring your network is protected requires a thorough understanding of how your security is performing against today’s rising threats. Our network engineers have a vast amount of experience in helping organisations map out a route to bullet-proof security, whether you’re looking to bolster security for your existing network or planning a new one.

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