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Network Security

Network Security Specialists

Your network is an ever-changing, vital part of your organisation that evolves in line with technology – but so do security threats. Malware, exploits and malicious traffic adapt alongside networks to pose a mounting risk to your wireless security as more and more elements of business move online, wireless, and to the Cloud.

The size and scope of your network increases the chance of cyberattacks by offering more points for entry. The number of threat incidents almost doubled in 2020 compared to 2019 as the number of connected devices increased sharply to support remote working and learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The complexity of your network also increases the chance of cyberattacks; network perimeters are no longer defined, with fringe devices such as wearable tech, 5G and IoT, all of which increase the likelihood of breaches.

Network security must be a priority in today’s IT infrastructures, and your wireless protection needs to adapt in line with your network to be able to safeguard your organisation from the rising risks.

Whether you’re a school, warehouse, office, council, hospital, or any other organisation looking to deploy 1:1 devices, Redway Networks can help you ensure the physical and cyber safety of your staff, students and clients through security-driven networking. We partner with the world leaders in firewalls such as Fortinet, Sonicwall and Watchguard.

Benefits of enterprise network security:


  • Avoid the risk of heavy fines in the case of regulation non-compliance
  • Next-generation firewalls are multifunctional, offering IDS and IPS from behavioural analysis, improving packet-content filtering of traffic up to application layer
  • Secure the rising number of business-owned devices so that they are used safely and appropriately
  • Layer 2 to 7 traffic monitoring
  • Fewer security devices needed, reducing infrastructure complexity
  • More efficient throughput, with higher speeds regardless of the number of protection devices

Network Audits

Need an independent review of your network including hardware, configuration, architecture and security?


  • Networking specialists to provide an independent assessment
  • Inventory reporting to full network refresh design
  • Detailed analysis report with recommendations