MATPN Midlands: Win a Free Wi-Fi Survey

We’ve helped thousands of schools transform their educational offering and remove limits on learning. Our network solutions are designed with busy educational environments at their core, delivering performance that’s future-proofed for the changing learning landscape, without compromising on speed, security, or ease of use. We make the route to a high-performance, hyper-secure, easy-to-manage network simple.

MATPN Midlands delegates can book a free 30 minute consultation with a Network Engineer from our Education Team.

Why next-gen networking is vital for MATs:
  • Trust-wide network capacity for 10 years of additional students, EdTech, and cloud services – without compromising speed or security
  • Easy, secure scalability within minutes, simplifying the onboarding of new students, schools, and campuses
  • Lean IT teams with streamlined network management, powered by cloud-managed networking, automation, machine learning
  • Total network security designed to protect MATs' vast attack surface before threats reach your network
  • Competitive pricing and low total cost of ownership thanks to 10 year licences for the cost of 5 from Tier 1 partners
  • Full stack solutions enable agile control of everything from Wi-Fi and SIMS to CCTV and buildings maintenance

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