WiFi In Education: A Resource Needed By All

We are well and truly in the digital age, so any school that is still solely relying on the blackboard-and-chalk method of teaching needs to jump into a time machine and set it to transport them to the 21st century. Put simply, teaching through digital methods shouldn’t even be a debate anymore; digital is the now, the future, children are savvy with all forms of IT and it should be wholeheartedly embraced.

Teaching through digital doesn’t just relate to doing exercises through to the use of an iPad, although that would be a progressive starting point.

A wealth of information should not be ignored

To truly embrace this invaluable teaching resource, it is vital that the classroom is first of all hooked up to a reliable WiFi network. The ability to bring a world of information into the classroom is a resource that is far too good to be ignored. As well as that, the benefit will be two-fold, to both student and teacher.

Enthusiastic students, who are a bit on the shy side and perhaps afraid to ask questions during classroom exercises, can now research their own queries online, free of fear. In one swift online search, a student will have gleaned the information they needed as well as sparing their own blushes. That’s a win-win scenario if ever there was one.

Answers to the oldest questions in the book

Whether they’re wondering what year Columbus set sail in, the definition of Pythagoras’s theorem or how often ‘i’ goes before ‘e’, these are all questions that are available in an instant.

The principles of teaching will remain the same and, even though students may have gleaned a sizeable quantity of their information online, the teacher will continue to mark essays at the end of the day and provide the same constructive feedback and guidance that they have been doing for generations.

A failure to embrace WiFi in the classroom is a failure to embrace the times we live in. To hook your school up to a safe and reliable education WiFi system, contact Redway Networks today or visit our Aerohive hub for more details.