Webinar: 5 Reasons You’re Probably Overpaying For WiFi

TUESDAY 28TH FEBRUARY 11AM GMT Aerohive Webinar:

Is your current WiFi solution costing much more than it should? Check out Aerohive’s webinar and see if you’ve a better option than staying the course with an outdated solution – given dramatic recent market changes in architectures, hardware price points and software capabilities.

Qualified attendees will also receive a free .11ac Access Point and switch, to see a different approach for themselves. Join Aerohive’s top Systems Engineers as they review the biggest market changes and help identify what the economic gains could be.

They’ll be sharing insights on:

  • The top 5 reasons you’re probably overpaying
  • How Access Points have evolved for great connectivity at up to 70% less cost
  • Different architectures available today, controllers, and whether they can scale with predictable TCO
  • Features not ‘in the box’ with most enterprise offerings – including security, guest access, and usage management
  • Avoiding hidden costs – ongoing support and labour-intensive management.

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