The Benefits for Businesses of Offering Free WiFi

The entire world, it seems, is more connected than ever. You may have noticed more and more businesses offering customers free WiFi access. Businesses often even advertise the fact they provide free WiFi, why would they do this unless customers using their WiFi offered some benefits?

Well, offering customers free access to wireless networks does have its benefits. Here are just a few.


Free WiFi gives you direct access to your customers’attention which allows you to use their WiFi access as a potential branding opportunity. There are a number of ways you could do this, for example you could customise the home screen that is shown to customers whenever they log on to your network to show your latest offers.

Customers may want to use your free WiFi to check their email or look at the news, but while they navigate their phone’s browser you can be in control of any advertisements and branding that they see on your home pages. Offering things for free always attracts attention, attention that you can use to your advantage.


One of the most valuable things a customer has is time. So it’s important you do whatever you can to make sure you’re a business they want to spend more of their valuable time with. There are a number of different ways to do this, but a reliable way is to offer free WiFi.

Think of it, the longer they spend connected to your network browsing their phone, the longer they are in your premises and surrounded by what you have for sale. Use this time to advertise your current offers, and you’ll be surprised how effective it is at driving impulse purchases.


Another highly valuable and often overlooked customer resource is their data. Provided you do it in ethical, transparent, and fully legal ways, a customer using your free WiFi network can offer you an invaluable insight into their mindset and what they’re looking for.

See items they have browsed, questions about products they have asked in a search engine, and the sorts of things they’re thinking as they navigate your premises.

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