Why Small Business WiFi Is Important

In this day and age, WiFi is everywhere, and although you may think it’s only the larger businesses who benefit from going wireless, small businesses WiFi is important too. Here’s why…

Stay ahead of the competition

Access to WiFi is an expected resource these days and it is even available on public transport such as buses and London Underground stations, as well as in town centres. In order to keep up with competitors and the changing marketplace, being ahead of the game in all things, including technology, is key.

Implementing free WiFi for customers to use in your business, no matter how small, is a sure-fire way to set yourself ahead of any other businesses which may be lacking in this area, and has the potential to increase customers, and customer satisfaction, too.

Increase customer satisfaction

Happy customers are more likely to return, so if you have a sufficient WiFi connection for your customers to enjoy with no strings attached, the likelihood is they’ll leave more satisfied too.

If your clientele is of the younger generation, especially millennials and Generation Z, the expectation is that WiFi will be easily available for them to use. The majority of young people own some sort of mobile device now, so a great small business WiFi connection will help increase customer satisfaction no doubt. However, it’s crucial to make it easy to access – so keep it free and clearly display the password so that people aren’t put off by coming to ask for it.

Increase business

Reviews are important to any business keen on seeing its online presence rise up the search rankings, and the likelihood is that many customers will leave much happier if they can access a good WiFi connection, especially if your small business is one where they’re able to sit down and relax, too.

If you’re running a hospitality business, such as a small café or bar, having WiFi while customers are sat enjoying your food also has the potential for your customers to share images or reviews of your business while they’re on site. After all, Instagramming food is all the rage right now…

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