Slow WiFi? Three Ways You Might Be Slowing Down Your On-Campus Network

In the modern world, there’s little more frustrating than a slow WiFi connection – especially when you’re trying to get work done, access much-needed content or simply check something online. If your WiFi network is on a go-slow, here are a few things that might be causing it:

1. Out-of-date protocols

The use of older security protocols on a modern WiFi network can be a significant cause of your network slowing down to a snail’s pace. Limitations caused by these out of date protocols can lead to your access being slowed, so ensure you’re up to date on the latest firmware, and your hardware matches current generation requirements. Wireless networks that utilise the faster speed technology that’s now standard don’t support many older types of authentication and encryption, so it’s essential to ensure you’re up to date to keep everything running smoothly.

2. Access point problems

When it comes to WiFi utilised in an educational setting, such as on-campus or in-classroom, you might be slowing down your connection by not using a system that supports multiple different access points. More devices than ever can be connected to WiFi – from smartphones to tablets to laptops, without even getting into specific equipment or technologies – and this can lead to a global go-slow, with fewer people being able to connect. Capacity can be a massive problem with WiFi in education settings when you need to consider each person may be using up to three connections at one time.

3. Functionality and use

The requirements of your WiFi network can fluctuate massively from day to day, so it may be tempting to go for less bandwidth when really, more is far better. You should be able to account for days when, for example, a high level of streaming may be involved in the education setting, rather than ready for average use. If you find you only have slow WiFi on some days rather than always, it’s worth taking a closer, diagnostic look at why.

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