Making The Most Of Your Enterprise WiFi

Having a poorly constructed and managed WiFi network at work can be a frustrating and sizeable obstacle to overcome. Employees can get easily irritated if their work is impeded by a poorly run and designed WiFi system, and so to get the most out of your employees, it is essential to make sure that your company’s WiFi network is the best it can be. Here are a few tips to bear in mind that can transform the utility and performance of WiFi networks in the workplace.

Go for quality over affordability

The speed and reliability of consumer-grade WiFi networks and enterprise-grade WiFi networks differ greatly, and unsurprisingly, so does the cost. Enterprise WiFi networks are more expensive, but they are well worth the extra cost. In the workplace, it is essential to have full, fast, and effective coverage, and therefore it is never a good idea to try to cut costs by purchasing a cheaper WiFi system. The money saved at purchase will only be spent on further maintenance and upgrades later down the line, and the lost efficiency will also negatively impact on company performance.

Design for both quantity and quality of coverage

Designing a WiFi network for full coverage alone does not suffice for an effective and efficient enterprise-grade WiFi system. In the modern technological world, employees can be connected on multiple devices, so it is essential to ensure your WiFi network can provide a high-quality of coverage, and a high quantity of coverage.

Carry out routine wireless coverage reviews

Regular reviews of the capacity of enterprise-grade WiFi networks is a good habit to maintain. Ensuring that every part of your office space allows for a high level of connectivity is essential if you want your employees to be as productive as possible.

Pick the right antenna

There are plenty of antenna options on the market, so it is important to make sure that you implement the most suitable one for your enterprise WiFi network requirements. Depending on the location of your office space, plus the potential obstructions and blockages to WiFi connectivity that may occur, specific types of antenna will be more appropriate, and so it is important to ensure you have the right one.

Identify and remove potential blockages

Closely monitoring potential blockage locations in your WiFi architecture is essential in ensuring that your system runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. A centralised secure server is required to run all of your company’s WiFi operations through it, many times, and this can be a potential blockage point in the system. Regularly monitoring such blockage points can help you to keep on top of any lost productivity caused by connectivity issues.

Understand your applications

Aside from having an effective and efficient enterprise-grade WiFi network, it is essential to understand the capabilities and requirements of the digital applications being run on your company’s computers. The amount of bandwidth being consumed by all the applications being run in your office space will give you a good guide of what quality and quantity of connectivity and coverage will be required. Any essential applications could also be run on a separate server to ensure that your company never loses access to its critical systems.

Refresh your wireless hardware

Updating and refreshing your WiFi hardware is also an essential component in ensuring that your enterprise WiFi system is the best it can be. Technology advances at an extremely rapid rate, and so keeping your WiFi hardware as up-to-date as possible will help to boost employee productivity by reducing connectivity issues. Even technology implemented a few years ago will underperform compared to new releases, so to ensure that your company operates at the highest level, implementing the latest technology is crucial. To find out more contact Redway Networks or visit our site.