In Store WiFi Creates A Seamless Shopping Experience

Today’s customers demand a seamless retail experience, whether they shop on the Internet or on the high street and while most retailers invest a lot of time and energy providing online support for their multi-channel shoppers, many still lag behind when it comes to customers who actually walk into their bricks and mortar store.

In store WiFi closes the gap between online and in-person shopping

Combined with the right platforms and tools, in store WiFi provides a unique opportunity to offer customers a smooth shopping experience. Through a cloud platform with matching web applications, store owners can engage with customers in real time, which can lead to improved retention levels and increased loyalty, and by leveraging powerful analytics, advertising messages and push marketing, retailers can easily and quickly customise the user journey.

How else can retailers benefit?

Retail WiFi access points gather information about all WiFi users in range, regardless of whether they have logged in or not. This information is then transmitted to a cloud platform. Once they have collected this data, retailers are able to configure the user experience from any browser. They can create and display customised pages to their in-store customers, such as special offers, coupons, and any other kind of information or message that adds value to the shopping trip.

In-store WiFi boosts customer engagement

Besides collecting customer data, in store WiFi can also be used to deliver location-based content to specific customers. Customers can then see personalised and targeted content based on their user profile.

For example, when customers with known identities arrive at the store, they might receive a text message or an email offering a limited sale price or a customised promotion. Then, when they leave, they might receive a survey with questions asking about their shopping experience.

In-store WiFi sets the retailers’ creativity free

The opportunities for customer engagement provided by in store WiFi are limited only by the retailers’ creativity. Brands looking to maximise their multi-channel reach should seriously consider in store WiFi and learn to leverage its unique ability to create an in store digital experience, an experience that can drive engagement and gather actionable data on customer behaviour.

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