Benefits Of Educational WiFi Access

Access to information has changed dramatically over the past 25 years thanks to the meteoric rise of the internet. On a smaller scale, a significant difference can even be observed over the last ten years, as homes, businesses and schools switched from dial-up internet access to the super-fast, reliable, wireless connection. As such, the generation of children that have been educated in schools in the post-WiFi revolution years have developed several key skills that their parents missed out on. These skills are often essential in the world of business today. They include:

Analytical thinking

Instant access to information, data and commentary available online helps children to compile and weigh up evidence, form their own opinions and ideas on subjects, and present these in an interesting and original way. Having this information at their fingertips means that during the course of a lesson a whole project consisting of research, development and presentation can be completed.


For children to explore and develop their own creative capacities, they need access to as many sources of inspiration as possible. Whether this comes from looking at mood boards for their design project, listening to music to inspire artwork, or watching an old Shakespeare production to decide how to play a lead character, fast internet enabled by WiFi can connect children with vast stores of free content.

Digital understanding

In our increasingly technological world, jobs will exist in ten years’ time that we don’t yet understand, requiring skills we haven’t yet heard of. Children receiving an education today are used to the rapid advancements happening to technology and the internet. As a result, they develop useful skills such as coding, data analytics and UX design, all of which are invaluable in today’s global job market.

WiFi access in schools allows pupils to get stuck into their learning, and to develop important skills and competencies without hindrance. By creating a healthy, connected educational environment, schools allow their pupils to flourish in a way that previous generations didn’t have the chance to. With mobile devices, smart devices and WiFi access throughout the building, schools are able to provide children with all the necessary tools to reach their potential.

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