Complete WiFi coverage for your changing warehouse needs

In today’s digital age change is the only constant and a warehouse is no exception. Warehouses today use state-of-the-art automation that relies heavily on uninterrupted communications and 24/7 connectivity. Businesses need complete coverage to support many people and devices so if the WiFi goes down this reduces efficiency and costs money.

Physical changes, stock placement, increasing technologies and several mobile users all on the network at the same time affect how the WiFi performs and issues can start to appear. When that happens, changes must be made by way of adding new access points, repositioning access points or a reconfiguration of the WiFi network. This can often work well for small fixes such as covering a small dead spot, but is less likely to be successful when the issues are more widespread, or you are trying to drive operational efficiencies and new ways of working.

Even a small fix can be costly and time consuming with a site visit often required to diagnose the problem. Following that a new solution fix must be thought out and implemented which can then require another site visit later – especially if new equipment must be obtained. Another option is to look at upgrading your wireless network as this allows for more flexibility as a new solution can be designed with your current needs in mind. And often, the expense of sorting out an existing legacy network is not worth it when you look at the benefits of moving to a new robust platform. Newer wireless technology allows for faster speeds, more features and improved reliability and will future proof the network for at least 10 years.

Take Cambium Networks for example, its wireless technology is entirely cloud-managed enabling rapid deployment, configuration and troubleshooting. In addition to this its cnPilot access points come with a minimum of a 3-year warranty and lifetime support. Cambium is easy to manage through the cnMaestro management system as changes can be made remotely, sparing costly site visits and downtime. Cambium delivers reliability and speed from a consistent, high-capacity network with optimum coverage and no dead zones.

At Redway Networks, we have deployed Cambium in single and multiple sites to replace legacy WiFi with quick installations and seamless projects that don’t interrupt operations and or impact your business. We specialise in warehouse WiFi design with all our engineers being accredited wireless professionals and Ekahau certified, so you can be reassured that your new wireless solution will be a safe investment for your business.