Great Baddow High School

The new Wi-Fi 6 solution has delivered:

  • Multi-gigabit classroom connectivity with a Wi-Fi 6 solution for richer learning experiences in high-capacity, high-density environments
  • Cloud-based management has improved efficiency of the IT function, sharpened and widened network visibility, and reduced costs

  • Reliable connectivity that gives educators confidence when using and experimenting with new EdTech and classroom technology

Our legacy network has been transformed from a collection of underperforming parts to one unified platform with scalable, high-density WiFi. We now have a robust, scalable network that can go up a level to support our future growth plans. And I know the process will be straightforward as we have Redway Networks to fall back on.

Rob Fuller, Head of IT Systems at Great Baddow High School

wifi 6 for schools

The Challenge

As with thousands of schools across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic forced an influx of new teaching and learning techniques, underpinned by education embracing all things digital. The school adopted more and more devices, at which point major cracks in the network’s infrastructure started to be seen, with performance declining, impacting teachers and students alike. The influx in devices also caused a huge increase in network management time, raising the overall cost of the network.

Find out how Great Baddow High School transitioned to a cloud-managed network solution in our full case study.


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