Aerohive And Productivity Improvements In Education

The education industry can be a very busy game and those involved with teaching, tutoring or administration in schools are constantly on the lookout for ways to boost productivity. At Redway, we often hear the phrase “I need to work smarter, not harder”. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post to outline some of the ways Aerohive can benefit schools and boost productivity levels.

Our network of education customers come from schools of all sizes. From vast city schools with thousands of students to smaller village schools serving the local community. There are also self-appointed specialist schools with 1:1 classroom sizes and pinpointed specialisms. The software we provide is so easy and simple to use, even the most technophobic colleagues can pick up the system and start working on it straight away. This saves valuable time in your support and administration departments and even saves on your internal budgets, meaning outsourcing training is not necessary.

Other benefits of using Aerohive WiFi schools to boost productivity

This wireless software enables easy manoeuvrability and flexibility within the classes you teach. It is an invaluable resource as you are able to stay close and assist your students on an almost 1:1 level. There are also no wires for you to worry about, meaning 100% of your attention can be focused on your class and not potential trip hazards.

Education WiFi enables students to share documents and work with peers and tutors alike. This means you’ll be able to process student work quickly and effectively. This also helps develop the computer skills of students and prepares them for careers using file-sharing software.

The system is also able to “manage itself”. Once your Aerohive system is installed, you can get on with your day to day duties without having to think about its functionality. This provides time-effective resources to your entire teaching and support staff.

Aerohive set out to develop an education WiFi system that makes all aspects of teaching and learning easier across schools. At Redway Networks, we are an official Aerohive Premier partner. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how your institution could benefit. Or Visit our web site for more details on Aerohive.