Why Cambium is the Best Choice for Warehouse WiFi & Industrial Environments

We all know that designing WiFi for warehouses is more specialist than the average office building. One of the key points to getting a fast, reliable wireless network in your warehouse is the initial design, but equally important are the wireless products.

There are many interfering factors in the warehouse which can result in a solution offering poorer performance than elsewhere. Warehouse layout, racking arrangement, environment (hot or cold) stock type and how often that stock is moved all affect the performance of the WiFI. In addition, you have the building type ( most warehouses are made from metal which isn’t ideal for radio frequency) plus high ceilings, ceiling angles, and interfering materials all add to the complexity.

For this reason, when proposing a wireless infrastructure for the warehouse we recommend Cambium Networks as it has many antenna options so we can tailor each solution we offer. Cambium’s access points are IP67 rated and with a minimum 3-year warranty are built to last. On top of all that Cambium’s entire solution is cloud-managed enabling faster deployment, configuration and troubleshooting for the lifetime of the network.

Our top reasons for evaluating Cambium when looking for a new wireless solution are:

  • Easy Backhaul for connecting all your buildings onto one network without trenching or running cables
  • Tried and proven e500, e501, e502 and now e700 high-temperature access points for those hot high ceilings
  • Easy to power up and cable the access point with any CCTV security cameras, just plug and play
  • One single pane of glass for all your monitoring and control functions for clients, switches, access points and cameras
  • Full built-in alert functions to help you control
  • Full mesh capable of your failover needs
  • Up to lifetime warranty, three-year standard
  • Built-in mounting and grounding kits
  • No need for additional antennae, they are built-in, even sectional
  • Now with the new e700 you can go to very high-density solutions
  • A Cambium solution is much cheaper than other brands
  • No ongoing license costs
  • Use with your local controller, local cloud, or with full cloud deployment
  • Deploy with cable and electricity or no cable, it is up to you
  • Now you can deploy up to 150 Meter Radius solutions
  • If you’d like to know more about Cambium for your warehouse, contact one of our warehouse wireless experts today.