Why Cambium is a Great Fit for Local Government

Underpinned by great design, Cambium Networks can give your local government office buildings or libraries all the connectivity you need to deliver a great service to your community with reliable technology that provides the highest through-put at the lowest total cost. Local governments are deploying wireless connectivity to create city hotspots, monitor facilities, and connect events. Wireless broadband technology from Cambium Networks is designed to provide the spectral efficiency, coverage, and capacity to offer consistently reliable wireless connectivity for remote buildings, indoor and outdoor WiFi access, events, and monitoring of facilities.

We partner with Cambium Networks to provide its CnPilot cloud-managed WiFi access points and Cambium’s free cnMaestro cloud-based management or on-premises software platform to give you a complete birds-eye view of your council’s performance – all underpinned by our best-of-breed design. In our experience the valuable features for Cambium WiFi for local government include:

  • Enterprise-grade hardware
  • Extensive range of enterprise features
  • 5 year warranty for indoor products, 3 year warranty for outdoor products
  • Telephone and online support
  • Licence free option for low total cost of ownership
  • Range of access points and edge switches
  • All Cambium products managed from a single cloud controller
  • Benefits:

    • High capacity at lower cost Leverage one IP-based wireless network for multiple applications.
    • Use specified frequencies for public safety, and access networks with password authentication
    • Wireless solutions are proven to be deployed at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

    Applications include:

    • Business and interoffice connectivity with indoor and outdoor 802.11ac WiFi.
    • Facilities monitoring and control
    • Video surveillance and traffic monitoring

    cambium networks interface

    Proven Solutions:

    • Indoor WiFi networks and outdoor hotspots
    • Wide Area Point to Multipoint WiFi
    • Licensed and unlicensed wide area networks
    • Long Range Point-to-Point Wireless Backhaul
    • Single Pane of Glass Network Management

    The Cambium Difference:

    Cambium minimises the total cost of your network ownership with one IP-based WiFi network comprised of licensed and unlicensed backhaul and access components that can be rapidly deployed with minimum maintenance cost. Not only does Cambium provide the highest amount of information transfer in the least amount of scarce spectrum and industry winning throughput it also provides a sustainable solution that is designed to operate for years. So if your local government would like the scalability to connect several locations with the highest level of connectivity, Cambium is the solution for you.

    If you would like to know more about Cambium Networks for your council building, contact us today.