How To Improve Warehouse WiFi Coverage

Warehouses are often considered the heart of a company’s operations and it is important to ensure that you have the very best in warehouse WiFi coverage. Many business owners invest in great wireless technologies to boost productivity and communication, as well as the customer experience.

It’s important to ensure you have a stable wireless network in your business premises at all times. This blog discusses some tips you can use to boost your warehouse WiFi coverage.

Change the channel

Wireless access points broadcast WiFi signals on a specific channel. If your router shares a channel with multiple WiFi devices, you may experience signal issues. Use a less crowded channel to extend your WiFi signal range.

Add hardware

Range extenders and external antennae can increase your wireless network coverage. In addition, you can install a repeater to send the signal to the farthest corners of your warehouse.

Adjust racking and other obstacles

Mirrors, walls, machines and metal racks can prevent network signals from reaching some parts for your warehouse. Clear the area surrounding your router and access points to ease signal flow.

Update your router firmware

Router manufacturers often tweak their software to enhance the speed and performance of their routers. You can upgrade your firmware through your router’s administrative panel or download the software on the manufacturer’s website.

Achieve optimal placement

When designing your WiFi network, decide where you want to place your router. Draw a layout of your warehouse and mark the best spots to keep the router. You would want to install access points in a central position that allows wireless signals to flow in all directions.

Consider density

When installing APs, you have to think about the size of your warehouse as well as the number of people working in it. Five people in a small warehouse can use one access point without any problem, as there will be enough bandwidth to go around. In a large warehouse, you’ll have to increase the number of APs in order to enjoy stable enterprise WiFi coverage.

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