Tips For Wireless Planning

Wireless planning is a topic that many people don’t consider when setting up a new network. Yet, if you don’t get the planning stage right, your users will find getting online to be an absolute nightmare as the number of users (and their expectations) grow. Our tips for wireless planning will help you to build a wireless network that can scale into the future and delivers the fast and efficient connection that your users will demand.

Wireless planning – Consider the locations carefully

Where are people actually going to be using wireless internet? If most people sitting at desks are using wired connections, then it’s probably more important to ensure that your corridors, break spaces and receptions are well covered than every individual desk. If possible, conduct a survey to see how your existing wireless is being used and plan your network accordingly.

Wireless planning – Power over Ethernet is your friend

Running power cables through your office can be a major pain point when you’re rolling out a wireless network, especially if you’re planning to place your wireless access points in the ceiling. Power over Ethernet allows your access points to take their power from the Ethernet cables that connect them up to the central hub. This significantly reduces the initial cost of installation and makes it far easier to add additional access points to the network as your requirements change and the number of access points on the network starts to grow.

Wireless planning – Plan for the future

It’s almost inevitable that demand for your wireless infrastructure will grow in the future and it’s important that you consider this when you’re setting up the network in the first place. Under specifying the network at the outset will only lead to user frustration and significant pain for everyone in the building at a later date. It may well cost more to upgrade the network retrospectively, so it’s worth being a little more generous in your specifications now to save yourself a job later.

Taking the time to plan your wireless network carefully is an investment in the future productivity of your business. Cutting corners now will cost you significantly later on. Redway Networks offer a range of wireless site surveys to assist with the planning and design of your wireless network, contact us today on 01908 046400 to find out more about how we can assist.

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