The Importance of a WiFi Site Survey

You may never have considered a WiFi site survey before, but there are many benefits that a WiFi site survey can bring to education and enterprise companies and services. We explore these below, explaining what a WiFi site survey entails, and what it can do for you.

The effects of WiFi downtime

If you’re considering a wireless survey and a new network, you may well be experiencing WiFi downtime and signal dead spots. These are extremely damaging to your business’ processes, operations and services which will, over time, increasingly impact your revenue and profit.

If your employees, clients and service users cannot connect to the network, they cannot be productive – and you lose money as a result. In the case of customers, lack of WiFi coverage could even drive them to your competitors, so you lose their business for good. As new technology and ways of working emerges in your sector, you will be increasingly unable to adopt it, meaning your business’ processes become less and less efficient.

Many network managers overcompensate for cold spots with excessive signal boosts and additional access points – often spending a great deal in the process. It is extremely common to find overlapping signal, causing poor AP handovers and dropouts.

Do you need a WiFi site survey at your premises?

There are many reasons why you could be considering a WiFi site survey. From installing new wireless systems to upgrading and improving your current service, site surveys are designed to optimise coverage and performance across your premises.

Skilled technicians with the right equipment and knowledge can carefully test service across all parts of your building or site, before making recommendations to improve access for you.
We always advise a WiFi site survey. Without it, we cannot offer a maximum coverage guarantee, nor can we ensure that your investment in a new network will give you the performance and flexibility you need to push your business forward.

There are also many types of site surveys depending on what your business needs – they are not a ‘one size fits all’. Whether you need to find and fix existing faults, design a new network entirely, or upgrade your current solution, a WiFi site survey should be designed around the things you need to understand.

Benefits of a thorough WiFi site survey by our trusted professionals:

  • Keep the cost of your network down, whether in maintenance time working around issues, or in designing a network that is designed specifically for your business and your budget
  • Our WiFi surveys include a new or improved network design, saving spending solely on a design that may not best suit your requirements and therefore could waste budget
  • Maximum coverage guarantees can only be given if an expert survey is carried out. Surveys make sure your APs are optimally placed to deliver coverage where you need it most.
  • Reduce service dead points which slow productivity
  • Boost efficiency through improved workflow due to increased capacity, coverage and speed
  • Increase customer retention and return visits through seamless and customised digital experiences

The importance of a site survey

WiFi site surveys are like audits for your network. With a site survey, the coverage of each access point is thoroughly tested. Areas can be identified that are not correctly covered, or overlapping each other, to ensure that all AP’s are correctly spaced and performing efficiently.

Surveyors can also assess the current bandwidth, making sure it can cope with all incoming and outgoing traffic. Finally, a WiFi site survey can address the existing network security, highlight weak points in the system, and make recommendations for improving access point encryption.

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