Solving Common Warehouse Wireless Problems

Warehouse wireless plays an integral role in the day-to-day operations of most modern warehouses, and as such needs to be relied on at all times to function properly. However, there will, of course, be times when WiFi connectivity is down and the problem needs solving fast. So, to help you in your time of need, here are four of the most common warehouse wireless connectivity problems and how to fix them.

RF interference

If your warehouse has a number of forklifts or tow pickers, then it could be that they are fitted with their own small wireless devices. These are sometimes placed inside of protective metal cages, which in turn blocks the RF performance. Consider moving the antennas outside of the cage to improve RF functions.

Too much power on warehouse wireless access points

With large warehouses, you will have multiple access points to receive WiFi, and a common mistake is having the power up full on each one. What this means is that as you move around, your device will remain connected to a weak access point further away, even if there is one closer. Instead, you should set all access points to around 50% and then gradually increase each one until you have full warehouse coverage.

Outdated firmware

If any of your devices have outdated firmware, then there may be bugs that are stopping a smooth connection and transference to different access points across your warehouse. Make sure all firmware is fully updated before looking for complex solutions to common bugs.

Wrong wireless antennas

There are actually various types of antennae to provide your WiFi and, depending on your needs, you need to make sure you have the right one. For example, a directional antenna aimed at the ground from above is often a good solution for providing a wide range of coverage.

If you are regularly experiencing issues with warehouse wireless, it may be time to have a wireless site survey to find the cause of the issues. Here at Redway Networks, we are experts in offering tailored wireless solutions & wireless site surveys to businesses all across the country.