Poor Warehouse WiFi Signal? How To Improve Your Efficiency

In our current digital age, it is essential to be connected to WiFi. The internet facilitates a huge part of our working life, and is of the utmost importance for business performance and productivity. Nowhere is this more true than within warehouses; a wireless connection to the internet is vital at every stage from the receiving docks, to the orders of the pickers, all the way to the outbound department, and has eliminated the need for long and time consuming paper trails.

However, this means that the strength and speed of your warehouse WiFi is now directly related to your overall warehouse productivity. If your wireless connection is great, then there are no problems, however, if your warehouse WiFi signal is poor, then there is the potential for your efficiency to fall dramatically.

As such, our experts have suggested a few ways to improve your warehouse WiFi signal, thereby directly improving your efficiency, helping your business to grow.

1. Update your firmware

All WiFi-based devices run off internal firmware, which plays a large part in how the WiFi signal is translated and used within the physical device. Old and out of date firmware may affect the speed at which WiFi is picked up and used, and therefore by updating your devices’ firmware you are likely to increase the speed of your wireless internet connection.

2. Antenna type and its direction

Most warehouse WiFi antennas are either directional or omni-directional. If you have a directional antenna, then it is vital to ensure that it’s pointed in the correct direction – that’s in the direction of where most of the warehouse WiFi usage takes place. If you have an omni-directional antenna then make sure it’s placed as centrally as possible within your warehouse, so it maximises the speed and connection of the warehouse WiFi signal to your devices.

3. Metal cages

Warehouse safety is always key, and often protective metal cages are present throughout the building. However, these cages may have an affect on your warehouse WiFi signal, especially if the antenna is located directly within these cages. The metal used is likely to impact the RF communication of your WiFi, meaning that in order to prevent this from happening, you should always place your warehouse WiFi antennas outside of any metal cages.

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