Wakefield Grammar School Foundation

The new solution has delivered:

  • The potential to support personalised, 1:1 learning to over 2,000 students across 3 schools
  • Low TCO future-proofed solution with promotional licence: 10 years for the price of 5

  • Improved security with WiFi-6 technology including higher levels on encryption and auto updates

We’ve seen lots of IT benefits as all our information is now in one centralised cloud managed dashboard with click and point granularity, so searching for top applications, users or devices is easy. We now have a future-proofed network that is very capable from a capacity point of view and won’t ever hit a limit as we add new devices.

Simon Cunningham, Infrastructure & Security Manager, Wakefield Grammar School Foundation

wakefield grammar school foundation IT

The Challenge

The Foundation’s main goal was to support the future of learning, including 1:1, personalised learning for each student, reliable access to the digital curriculum and greater network control and security. Realising these goals was not possible with Wakefield Grammar School Foundation’s existing network. The network was also cumbersome to manage, requiring data exports into Excel before crunching numbers to find and fix problems manually.

The large campus, including both modern buildings, listed old ones with thick walls, and a high-capacity theatre, makes high-performance networking a challenge, so the Foundation required an expert in these environments. Read how we helped move the schools to a future-ready WiFi-6 solution in our case study.


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