St Augustine’s RC High School

St Augustine’s School Supports Tech Enhanced Learning with WiFi 6 Solution from Redway Networks

St Augustine’s, one of the largest Catholic schools in Lancashire, has improved wirelesss connectivity and future-proofed its network capabilities with a next-generation WiFi 6 solution from education WiFi experts Redway Networks. Staff are using an increasing amount of EdTech and online resources to engage pupils since the school’s wireless network can now fully support these applications.

The new WiFi solution has delivered:

  • WiFi 6 offers the fastest, most reliable wireless, capable of managing 500 daily student devices with total network visibility and security
  • Superior 11 year cloud-managed Meraki licence, offering a future-proofed network that can adopt emerging EdTech for the next decade

  • Reduction in IT time wasted thanks to total network visibility & remote control, as well as fewer IT support tickets from staff due to poor network performance and functionality

Meraki from Redway Networks has exceeded all our expectations and I know it has the capacity to support all our educational technology needs in the future. Users can access and download digital learning resources much faster which has improved information sharing, collaboration and the student experience. The Redway Networks’ team were very knowledgeable and I was really impressed with how smoothly the project went from start to finish.

Paul Bowie, ICT Manager at St Augustine’s

The Challenge

St Augustine’s School is focused on inspiring, encouraging and supporting its pupils which is reflected in its strong academic results. With more than 500 student laptops, staff iPads and other devices all connecting to the network, reliable wireless connectivity is essential.

The school’s WiFi infrastructure couldn’t cope with increasing numbers of devices for students and staff, which began to affect speed and coverage. They wanted to future proof their network for additional technology such as 1:1 computing and therefore decided to transition to the cloud-based WiFi 6 environment. Find out why, how and more in the full case study.

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