Selby College

Selby College improves the student experience with high-density WiFi 6 – delivered in just 8 weeks – from Redway Networks.

Thanks to a new hyper-secure, robust networking solution, the digital experience of students and staff now matches the campus’ state-of-the-art facilities which have made the College one of the most up-to-date education providers in the area.

The new WiFi solution has delivered:

  • Fast, reliable connectivity for 2,000 students at a time across laptops, iPads, smartphones and more
  • Hyper-secure WiFi-6 with a centralised cloud-managed licence and automatic upgrades for 10 years

  • A future-proofed network capable of supporting new EdTech including WiFi-7 and WiFi-8 ready devices

“I was looking for a cloud solution rather than an onsite wireless controller and when Redway showed me a demonstration of Meraki I really liked it and knew it would meet our requirements for connectivity and performance and I liked its easy-to-use dashboard. Plus, Meraki’s 10-year software licence (plus the free year offer) was cheaper than the 5-year support deal offered by the other vendors.

Mike Pilling, Network Services Manager at Selby College

selby college improves wifi

The Challenge

Over the years, devices, apps and expectations have exploded, so the college’s existing Netgear solution was struggling to provide the bandwidth needed to support students and staff. Students were missing out due to a network that could not provide a foundation for today’s learning.

Timecsales were really tight, so not only did Selby College need a provider with expertise in the education sector, they also needed one with the ability to deliver a bespoke wireless solution (designed, installed and configured) within a very short timescale.

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