Manor Lodge School

The new Wi-Fi 6 solution has delivered:

  • Tenfold increase in Wi-Fi speed, making it possible for educators to stream resources in classrooms and employ EdTech
  • Reliable connectivity for the school’s new Immersive Learning Classroom and coverage to outdoor learning spaces

  • Total network visibility, with single click troubleshooting, and issue resolution prior to end user impact

Our Meraki solution has opened up a world of opportunities for us in learning styles, and enabled our pupils to work, learn, and collaborate on campus. The pupil experience has improved as Meraki has made everything more reliable and enabled us to expand our classroom ICT provision.

Matt Clackett, IT & Digital Services Manager, Manor Lodge School

wifi 6 for schools

The Challenge

The school’s 10-year-old network infrastructure was a mix of end-of-life Cisco and Netgear which was overdue for a transformation. The WiFi 4/5 had performance limitations and could not support the connectivity and bandwidth required by the school. The network management overhead limited the ability to scale, so Manor Lodge needed a new scalable network that would future-proof the school.

Find out how Manor Lodge School transitioned to a Wi-Fi 6, cloud-managed network solution in our full case study.


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