Leverhulme Trust

The new Wi-Fi 6 solution has delivered:

  • 10x increase in Wi-Fi speed, making it possible for educators to stream resources in classrooms and employ bandwidth-hungry EdTech
  • Single pane of glass management via a cloud-based dashboard, reducing network management and monitoring time considerably

  • Improved security through enhanced user policies and login flows that allow greater segmentation and access control

Both schools are benefitting from ten times the wireless speeds they had before, meaning we can have more users on the network simultaneously accessing high-speed content, which has created more inclusive learning styles.

Richard Pycroft, ICT Manager, LCECT

wifi 6 for schools

The Challenge

Leverhulme Trust’s legacy network was a combination of Meru and HP hardware that was failing to provide the foundations needed for today’s classrooms. Slow speeds meant teachers could not use digital resources in classrooms, coverage was poor, and providing a passable level of connectivity was becoming more and more labour intensive and time consuming for the IT team.

Find out how Leverhulme Trust transitioned to an agile, streamlined, cloud-managed wireless network in our full case study.


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