John Warner School

John Warner School Improves School WiFi Performance with Cloud-Based WiFi 6

The John Warner school has improved wireless connectivity and future-proofed its network for the next ten years with a new next-generation WiFi 6 solution from education wireless experts Redway Networks. The transition to Cisco Meraki has given the school a hyper-secure wireless network that delivers faster speeds and more capacity for its high-density environment with simple cloud-based network performance monitoring.

The new WiFi solution has delivered:

  • A network that can scale alongside the school’s continued growth, and today is supporting devices for over 1,300 students with total network visibility and security
  • Superior 11 year cloud-managed Meraki licence, offering a future-proofed network that can adopt emerging EdTech for the next decade

  • Significantly improved coverage with faster WiFi, protection against the latest security threats and an easy-to-manage cloud-based platform

Redway Networks has been knowledgeable throughout the whole project and the service we have received has been exceptional. From the initial phone conversation, through to the wireless product recommendations, design period, implementation and final survey – everything Redway delivered was 100%.

Chris Baker, IT Network Manager at The John Warner School

The Challenge

The school was having issues with access points failing as they had come to the end of their life; a new wireless network was urgently needed. In addition, the school had grown considerably over the last 10 years, increasing in the number of students, staff, and buildings. This was placing additional pressure on an already unfit-for-purpose network.

The school wanted a superior network that would provide reliable, secure coverage for students, staff and educators, as well as offering a digital experience that matched the high standards the school prides itself on. Find out more in the full case study.

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