Hollybank Trust

Hollybank Trust Improves Learning for SEN Students & Teachers with Lenovo PCs from Redway Networks

Hollybank Trust educates over a hundred PMLD children and adults in West Yorkshire, across its school, residential homes, and adult daytime activity centre, which includes a state-of-the-art therapy centre, assistive technology suite and several sensory rooms. Following investment in SEN facilities, the Trust wanted to upgrade to the latest technology when it comes to student and staff devices in order to take advantage of the latest in Edtech.

The Trust’s new Lenovo Laptops & PCs have delivered:

  • Agility through lightweight, compact desktops and laptops for both residents and staff, including senior management, nurses, occupational therapists and assisted teachers
  • Versatile, powerful devices that easily support complex software and specialist education programmes for 1:1 guided learning

  • Redway Networks have assisted in sourcing specialist hardware to cater to Hollybank students’ educational learning needs which include lots of visual, sensory and interactive learning programmes

I’ve been really pleased with the service I received from Redway Networks from sourcing us the best prices on our Lenovo kit to keeping us informed every step of the way with deliveries and timings and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Mark Illingworth, Senior Support IT Analyst at Hollybank Trust

The Challenge

Hollybank’s older building isn’t ideal for technology and space is of a premium, so as the Trust’s use of EdTech grew, it became increasingly necessary to replace its large HP Tower PCs with smaller compact desktops that would still be powerful enough to support its specialist education programmes. Find out why, how and more in the full case study.

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