Drybrook Primary School

The new cloud-networking solution has delivered:

  • Superior Wi-Fi and switching have enhanced classroom connectivity for richer learning experiences
  • Cloud-based management has improved efficiency of the IT function and reduced costs

  • Smart CCTV has secured the school’s site without requiring additional storage or bandwidth

From a staff point of view, Meraki has improved productivity and from a student point of view enabled us to really explore how we work with educational technology.

Tom Henesey, Headteacher at Drybrook Primary School

primary school networking

The Challenge

As with thousands of schools across the country, the COVID-19 pandemic forced an influx of new teaching and learning techniques, underpinned by education embracing all things digital. In the years since, the school has been seeking to embed these methods into its daily practices and deliverables, and although it had addressed some of the foundational issues, the solution to fully support and deliver this richer learning experience was not there.

Find out how Drybrook Primary School transitioned to a cloud-managed network solution in our full case study.


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