Dene Magna & Drybrook

Smart CCTV Brings a New Vision to Dene Magna & Drybrook Schools

Dene Magna Secondary School and Drybrook Primary School are part of the Forest of Dean Trust, and with over 1200 students and 100 staff across their campuses, keeping the sites secure is vital. Both schools had CCTV in place, but the technology was old, resulting in reduced safety and security due to poor quality imaging (especially at night), additional costs, cumbersome management, complex scaling and a lack of easy access to data for staff – all of which made the platform largely obsolete. Moving to a next-gen, cloud-based CCTV solution has transformed security at the schools, offering additional use-cases and more.

The new CCTV solution has delivered:

  • Complete site visibility, bolstering physical safety, even at night-time and in poor visibility
  • Cloud-based management has improved staff use of the platform, allowing remote access from anywhere, any time

  • On-camera storage has saved data storage costs and minimised physical infrastructure

“Meraki MV has really bolstered us in the physical security game. Our staff love the fact that Meraki provides a watchful eye over our school site 24-7 . We have perimeter fencing but video security keeps everything safe. We have a large forest by our school area and having the CCTV means we can use it at the weekends which has given staff flexibility on how they work

Tom Henesey, Headteacher at Drybrook Primary School

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The Challenge

The schools already had CCTV surveillance but it was outdated and the Trust were concerned that this lack of visibility would take a toll on school safety. The campuses had experienced a couple of incidents out of hours which the existing CCTV had not aided with, and so evidently, with student safety being a primary concern, finding a solution that both did the required job and made school security easier to manage was a priority for the Trust.

Find out how Dene Magna Secondary School and Drybrook Primary School transitioned to a cloud-based CCTV solution in our full case study.


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