Brighton Hill Community School

The new WiFi solution has delivered:

  • A cloud-based Meraki solution with an intuitive, easy-to-manage network thanks to a superior single-pane dashboard
  • Total classroom coverage and capacity for the next 10 years of developments in teaching and learning techniques

  • 10 year licence with automatic firmware updates with zero downtime and error free configuration

Meraki has given us a robust, future proofed wireless network that is really simple to use and with the cloud dashboard I can manage the network from anywhere, which gives me more network visibility. The whole experience with our new WiFi from Redway Networks was professional and the service we received was absolutely brilliant. The job was completed on time and the aftercare and support has been excellent.

Tony Eden, IT & Network Manager, Brighton Hill Community School

brighton hill community school wireless solution

The Challenge

Classrooms were seeing a poorer student and teacher experience due to poor connectivity, holding back learning, lesson planning and staff collaboration.

Tony Eden, IT & Network Manager at Brighton Hill Community School says: “We were having coverage issues with our existing WiFi which had basically come to the end of its life. With our plans to increase student numbers and replace some of our IT computers with laptops and tablets, the first stage of the process was to upgrade the wireless network infrastructure.” Read how we helped in our case study.


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