The Benefits of Intelligent Classroom Management for Teachers

As technology becomes more efficient and affordable, much focus has now turned to how education WiFi systems can be best deployed in the classroom to aid in the development of students. But while a lot of attention has been given to how proposed Intelligent Classroom Management systems will benefit students, little has been said about how it will benefit teachers.

Here are just a few ways wireless Intelligent Classroom Management systems will improve the teaching experience.

More efficient communication

Lightspeed’s intelligent classroom management system ” Classroom” will allow a teacher to intuitively and easily check the workflow and progress of individual students, without the need to constantly circulate around the classroom. If a student is having a degree of trouble, the teacher can ask a simple question such as “Need help?” and receive a straightforward yes or no in reply. Students are much more likely to ask for help if it can be done subtly like this, without drawing the attention of their classmates. This allows teachers to better direct their attention to students who need it.

Check browsing history

Online classroom management will also allow teachers to keep a close eye on what students are looking at, either through being able to view the device screen in real time or to examine the student’s browsing history. This can all be recorded if necessary, to show to parents or school administrators. The knowledge that their entire browsing history can be recorded should mean students are less likely to let their attention wander from their work, meaning teachers should find it easier to maintain student concentration.

Overviews at a glance

For teachers, there is no longer a need to physically ask who has completed their work, who is still doing their work, and who might need help. It can all be easily logged and tracked through Lightspeed’s intelligent classroom management programme, which means that teachers are able to better divert their attention to students who actually require some help to complete their tasks. Teachers will also have quick and simple access to students’ real time activity on the screens they visit, which can help when composing term reports.

Redway Networks are proud to work alongside our latest partner Lightspeed Systems, who are the leading providers of classroom management and web filtering within the education sector.

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