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Lightspeed Systems

Web filtering solutions and mobile device management within the education sector

Lightspeed Systems

Education is utilising technology more than ever now and new devices are constantly being added to classrooms, which need to be managed, secured and working optimally. Lightspeed systems offer a range of solutions to manage mobile devices, online classroom activity and to keep students safe and have helped thousands of schools worldwide to protect and engage their students.

Lightspeed Systems MDM solution, Mobile Manager has been designed specifically for education and offers an array of features to maximise mobile device management within the classroom. Lightspeed Systems also offer a cloud web filtering solution, Lightspeed Relay, as well as Lightspeed Web Filter to be used with their world class hardware, Lightspeed Rocket.

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Keeping Students Safe

Lightspeed Web Filter

With the increase in online usage in schools, the need for internet safety is higher than ever. Lightspeed Systems Web Filter offers the controls, reports and customisability you need to keep web use appropriate. From small primary schools to the largest Local Authorities, Lightspeed Web Filter has been designed with the ability to scale and grow with your needs.

Web filtering is crucial to ensuring that students are using the web appropriately and Lightspeed Filter offers the flexibility to ensure policy enforcement on both networked and mobile devices on and off-site. The Lightspeed filter offers powerful SSL insight as you can see control and report on traffic across SSL site such as Google and YouTube. Lightspeed Web Filter also gives extensive reporting and easy to use dashboard, as well as the ability to set custom reports so that you can see what you need when you need it. There is also the functionality to automate and share reports. Lightspeed Filter utilises an AI-driven database, combining an intelligent robot army, human team, as well as a network of customers for real time categorisation and exact accuracy.

Please note that Lightspeed Rocket is needed for Lightspeed Web Filter to function.

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Lightspeed’s Classroom is an intelligent classroom management system which allows you to manage your class and keep students on task. In today’s education settings, teachers need to know what’s happening on student devices without having to sit and constantly monitor them. Lightspeed Classroom monitors the sites students are on, how long they are spending on them and alerts teachers to unusual activity so that they can continue teaching and spending time supporting students. The classroom management app has the capability to know when students are off-task, notifying teachers in real time so that they can provide immediate guidance and direction to those students distracted. As well as individual analysis, teachers can also see the big picture of what’s going on in their classes, giving you the option to sort students into lists and identify which students are being efficient with their time.

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Lightspeed Relay

Lightspeed Relay is an extensive filtering solution which allows schools to filter, monitor and report every device with no hardware, hassle or complex tools needed. With Lightspeed Relay, you get the insights you need to understand and maximise the use of those devices, keep users safe and increase the education return on your technology investments. Lightspeed Systems Relay is an all one system with everything you need to make decisions to develop technology usage, report up to senior personnel, empower teachers and reassure concerned parents.

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The MDM designed for Schools

Lightspeed Mobile Manager

Schools often have a range of operating systems on one network and this can be complex and time consuming to manage multiple MDM’s. Lightspeed MDM, Mobile Manger gives schools the power to remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions to control multi-OS devices with their single mobile device management saving you time and money. Lightspeed Mobile Manager has been designed specifically with educational hierarchy in mind and allows IT departments to set permissions levels across the school personnel including students.

As well as making sure students have the right levels of access and settings across multiple devices, Lightspeed MDM offers the ability to manage apps on a large scale. Lightspeed MDM also has the power to push apps out to thousands of devices, whilst allowing management of app inventory and integration with leading app stores.

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World Class Hardware – designed exclusively for education

Lightspeed Rocket

Lightspeed Systems Rocket devices, combined with Lightspeed Web Filter provide safe online access for students without over blocking. Lightspeed Rocket can be scalable to any network size. There are three main areas to consider when determining what Lightspeed Rocket/Web Filter appliance are right for you and they include the number of workstations, total bandwidth and structure of your network.

Each school is unique in their needs and networks structure and therefore we recommend speaking with us to discuss further and find the right solution for your exact needs.

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