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Lightspeed Systems

We are a trusted partner of Lightspeed Systems and provide its portfolio of educational web filtering and classroom management solutions.

Education is utilising technology more than ever now and new devices are constantly being added to classrooms – real or remote. These all need to be managed, secured and working optimally. Through our partnership with Lightspeed Systems we provide its portfolio of educational solutions for managing mobile devices, online classroom activity and students’ safety. Thousands of schools worldwide rely on Lightspeed’s web filtering and Classroom Management system to protect and engage their students.

Lightspeed Filter is a complete 1:1 platform that enables schools to transform their devices into the learning tools they were meant to be. With Lightspeed Filter you can segment, manage, protect and monitor with a single unified platform. Lightspeed Classroom Management helps keep students on task. Sophisticated AI monitors website browsing and provides real-time insights. Teachers can see open browser tabs, view browsing history, monitor screens, send links and more.

We have built a reputation within the education sector as the Lightspeed partner schools can trust. When your school purchases Lightspeed products from us, you can be assured of our experience in delivering cloud-based filtering software, our knowledge of the education sector and our expertise in the services and support your school needs.


Keeping Students Safe

Lightspeed Filter

Lightspeed Filtering is an extensive filtering solution which allows schools to filter, monitor and report every device with no hardware, hassle or complex tools needed. With Lightspeed Filtering, you get the insights you need to understand and maximise the use of those devices. This keeps users safe and increases the education return on your technology investments. Lightspeed Filtering is an all-in-one system with everything you need to make decisions to develop technology usage, report up to senior personnel, empower teachers and reassure concerned parents.

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Lightspeed Classroom Management

Lightspeed’s monitoring solution is an intelligent classroom management system which allows you to manage your class and keep students on task. Lightspeed’s Classroom Management empowers teachers and engages students with the only monitoring platform that keeps teachers’ focus on their students not their screens. Lightspeed Systems Monitor alerts teachers to unusual activity so that they can continue teaching and spending time supporting students. The solution has the capability to know when students are off-task and the software notifies teachers in real time so that they can provide immediate guidance and direction to those students distracted. As well as individual analysis, teachers can also see the big picture of what’s going on in their classes. This gives you the option to sort students into lists and identify which students are being efficient with their time.

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Lightspeed Alert

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The MDM designed for Schools

Lightspeed Analytics

It’s estimated that 67% of ed-tech licenses purchased by schools are not even in use, amounting to billions of pounds wasted. Make the most of your ed-tech budget with Analytics, providing actionable, detailed reporting on usage across your schools.

With Analytics, schools will finally be able to draw insights from their wide array of data and answer their toughest questions. Is what you’re paying for actually being utilized as intended? Have you implemented redundant tools that present an opportunity for cost-savings? How often are applications used and for what? Do your resources achieve digital equity? Analytics is the most complete analytics solution available: It supports every OS, everywhere school devices go, plus every browser, app, and user.

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The Mobile Management Tool Designed for Schools

Lightspeed MDM

Schools often have a range of operating systems on one network, which can be complex and time consuming to manage multiple MDM’s. Lightspeed MDM gives schools the power to remotely set hundreds of policies and restrictions to control multi-OS devices with their single mobile device management saving you time and money. Lightspeed MDM has been designed specifically with educational hierarchy in mind. This allows IT departments to set permissions levels across the school personnel including students.

As well as making sure students have the right levels of access and settings across multiple devices, Lightspeed MDM offers the ability to manage Apps on a large scale. It also has the power to push apps out to thousands of devices, whilst allowing management of app inventory and integration with leading app stores.

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