Wireless Network Security and Monitoring

If you are bringing wireless technology into your business premises or educational facility, make sure you take steps to protect all users and devices on that network. Prevent security breaches, reduce network faults, avoid downtime and cut the cost of network monitoring: managed IT services are just one of the ways you can do this. Take a look at the tips below and improve your open network safety.

Managing open networks safely

Open networks are necessary for businesses and in schools. Many people need access to internet services at any given time, and having individual wired ports for everyone would be impractical. Wireless signals can be picked up all around the building, are perfect for tablet work and for using other mobile devices, and they allow internet services to be used away from computer rooms and desks.

However, open networks are also a security risk, unless they are properly monitored and protected. Managed services and round the clock tech support are just some of the ways you can outsource your security. Moving data to a secure cloud is a good way to prevent data breaches, along with encrypting log-ins and maintaining password protected areas on your network. Take a proactive approach against attacks with monitoring software.

Security awareness and network education

Schools and education facilities which use Aerohive will be able to benefit from its mapping and RTLS services, which can locate any linked device on the network with a good degree of accuracy. With youngsters prone to misplacing things (or hiding them from others) this locate tool can save a lot of time and tears. It also plays a vital security role. As well as being able to highlight theft, often identifying the culprit and having the device returned in the process, it can be used to track unauthorised devices which access the network without permission.

It is also crucial that your staff and/or students are taught about device access and safe use of the internet. Open Wi-fi systems allow for the connection of personal devices, especially if you operate a Bring Your Own Device policy. Make sure the risks are outweighed by the benefits: take advantage of our security and BYOD management services, designed to keep your network safe even when personal devices are used to access it. Contact us today if you need more information or watch the video about PPSK on: https://www.redwaynetworks.com/private-pre-shared-key-alternative-explained/