WiFi for Schools: Why Choose Cisco Meraki?

As experts in WiFi for schools, Redway Networks partners with a number of vendors to offer cloud-based wireless solutions with education environments in mind. We always focus on offering vendor-neutral, bespoke advice on each so that you can make the right choice for your school, academy or college, but it’s also important to consider that each partner has particular strengths.

One example is Cisco Meraki, who we often recommend to schools, academies and colleges for a number of reasons. Below our summary is Meraki’s video on why their solutions are aimed at the UK education sector.

Cloud security

  • Bullet proof security with 6 complex devices built into one; branch router, firewall, site-to-site VPN, content filter, load balancer and WAN accelerator
  • The most secure cloud-based network available. Only config data passes through the cloud. Your user data remains on your local network

Superior licence

  • Meraki are the only vendor offering a low TCO 10-year licence exclusively to the education sector, including support, updates, break-fixes, software licences, and a lifetime warranty on products
  • Their superior licence future-proofs your network for the next 10 years, giving you the certainty that your school(s) can adopt emerging EdTech
  • Meraki’s 10-year licence also guarantees scalability that can accommodate a growing number of devices throughout the lifetime of your licence

High capacity/density

  • Meraki solutions are fantastic in high-capacity situations, which makes them an excellent proposition for schools and colleges where students and staff have multiple devices all streaming, roaming and accessing digital resources constantly
  • Automatically optimises and delivers superior performance in the highest density wireless environments and under intense interference conditions

Agile management

  • The only networking solution that offers holistic management of the network-entire, as well as all devices, including BYOD, from a centralised cloud dashboard
  • Network monitoring and management can be done from anywhere, anytime on the Meraki app
  • Real-time location statistics

Full stack solution

  • Meraki can offer a full stack solution that can be holistically, easily managed from a single pane of glass
  • Networks are constantly growing, evolving and need updating/upgrading. Meraki is the only leading vendor that offers a high-performance full stack solution, with the backing of Cisco engineering, for an affordable cost. By choosing Meraki wireless and/or switches, you leave the door open to move towards a full stack solution in the years ahead, saving you budget, management time and hassle.

Video: Meraki for Education in the U.K.