Why Cisco Umbrella Enriches Security Through On Premise-Cloud Convergence

Cisco Umbrella is the latest in untethered, total network security from the cloud, keeping pace with today’s threats and today’s ways of working whether that’s on the train, in a remote location, in a public space, or at the office.

Networks are a ever-expanding space, bringing increasing challenges both in terms of performance management and protecting organisations and its teams. Traditional firewall models of security worked excellently in the long-gone days of physical offices, tethered computers, and limited devices. But today, work spaces can be anywhere, on a multitude of devices. Teams are bypassing VPNs, meaning data is bypassing perimeter security and passing directly from devices and applications to cloud-connected resources. Can you see how your current method of securing your network is most likely inadequate for today’s working world?

Cisco Umbrella offers a cloud security solution that is ready for tomorrow’s networking – both in terms of protection and in management. As expected from Cisco, Umbrella delivers best-in-class performance, whilst using powerful machine intelligence to automate monitoring, maintenance, and preventative actions. With devices that can be set up in a matter of minutes, multiple times per day, Umbrella also offers deployment and total protection within minutes too – with 100% uptime since 2006. It enriches the value of your existing network security hardware, adding vital intelligence that simpler stacks can’t offer, and reducing the rising pressure on IT teams.

On-premise and cloud security are converging to offer the most expansive protection ever, but in what ways? How can Umbrella add significant value to your networking?

  • The most expansive threat protection

With DNS layer security, you don’t need to wait for threats to come to your door – they’re blocked before a connection is established, and before remedial action is needed. This proactive protection deepens your network defences hugely – all without added latency.

  • Total visibility of your network security, anywhere and everywhere

Get total visibility on applications in use, who uses them, identify potential dangers, block apps – both on and off VPN.

  • Stop reactive security, start proactive defence

Umbrella automatically finds where attacker infrastructure is being staged through AI, machine learning and statistical models, as well as real-time analysis on global internet activity. Umbrella analyses 200 billion internet requests and 60,000 new destinations daily, covering more of the digital space than any other solution.

  • Full integration with existing network hardware

Invest in your existing infrastructure by creating a fully integrated, inter-communicative line of defence. Umbrella can avoid hundreds of hours fixing glitches between hardware, as well as enriching response data to make your security stack more intelligent.

  • The most effective security, deployed in minutes

Get up and running in minutes. No hardware to install. No software to manually update. 100% business uptime. And the most effective security available.

If you’re interested in adding Umbrella to your security stack, contact us for a free 21 day trial of Cisco Umbrella with full support.