The Future of WiFi: 3 Trends Which Could Shape the Future

Wireless technology is changing at an incredibly rapid pace. The way we use the internet has completely and radically altered the lives and businesses of billions of people over the globe. But what does the future of WiFi hold? We’ve brought together 3 of the biggest trends in the future of WiFi:

1. The Internet of Things

Over the last few years, we’ve seen WiFi being used from only a handful of large, bulky computers to a plethora of slim, powerful laptops, tablets, and most of all smartphones. We’re also seeing other devices (such as printers and home assistants) connect to WiFi networks to improve the ease with which we work, study and play. In the next couple of years, look out for the growth of ‘The Internet of Things’ – a network of essentially any product you can think of imbued with wireless connectivity.

Already coming to market are home appliances such as fridges, freezers and kettles that can automatically reorder groceries or boil up water on demand. We’re already seeing parts of this become reality with smart technology and indeed smart homes becoming commercially available. The price points will only get more affordable in years to come, so it’s one area to watch if you’re looking to set your business apart from the rest.

2. Ever-increasing speed and reach

One trend we can all bank on is increased browsing speed. From struggling to download a small image file to millions of people streaming HD video and the rise of gaming, we’ve witnessed WiFi speeds skyrocket. With the rise of 5G networks, we can only expect speeds to continue to accelerate. The flipside of this is that more and more businesses are getting savvy and realising the benefits of offering free WiFi. Before too long, you’ll rarely be offline – connections will be way too powerful and abundant for you to miss out.

3. The move towards personalisation

The power of big data has started to change the way the world works. Targeted ads, specialised content and various other uses of this valuable resource are commonplace in the modern world. But as WiFi networks, potentially using AI technology and machine learning, get smarter at predicting what type of speeds we’re looking for and even the content we usually consume, we’ll start to expect a higher standard of personalisation from our WiFi providers.

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