Reasons To Include WiFi In Care Homes

In recent years, WiFi has become an ever-present feature in homes, businesses, cafes, restaurants and airports all across the world. Traditionally, many assume that it is the younger generations who benefit solely from good quality accessible WiFi; however, this is no longer the case. Older residents, notably those living in care homes, can benefit greatly from WiFi in care homes, and more care homes will hopefully start to incorporate this into their facilities. Here are some of the benefits of WiFi in care homes.

Ease the worries of moving in

Moving away from independent living is an incredibly stressful and worrying experience. Knowing that you will have the ability to easily maintain communication with loved ones is very helpful.

Maintain relationships with grandchildren

Children as young as 10 have access to multiple digital devices. By having access to WiFi in care homes, elderly residents can communicate with their grandchildren quickly and easily.

Keep up to date with news and trends

The internet is a fast and easy way for residents to access news reports and stay up to date with life outside their care home.

Share their experiences with fellow residents

Many elderly citizens now have social media accounts or online databases with photos and videos. They can share these, as well as the profiles of their families, with fellow residents.

Enjoy books and games to pass the time

A tablet is a great way to use a number of different services, including playing games and reading books as a means to pass long days.

Watch their favourite shows online

Many residential homes include a limited number of TV sets, and so residents are unable to maintain their usual viewing schedule. Having a wireless device, such as a tablet, removes this problem as they can stream whatever they like when they like.

Here at Redway Networks, we are fully committed to providing wireless solutions to businesses and organisations that need it most. This includes care homes, and if you would like to further discuss the opportunity to incorporate WiFi in care homes near you, then get in contact with us today.

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